HORU March 7, 2016

"We always say on our website that MARK is about empowerment, inspiring action and debunking the myth that you have to wait until college ends to make your mark. To me, it's about doing, and acting and being an agent of change, realizing that you are a warrior, that you can make something of your life, and that you have the power to change other people's lives too. I think it's really about knowing what your passion is, and fighting for it. Because too often we have so many dreams and we just don't go for it. We're scared or the world tells us not to. But it's about time that we start doing it. And I think MARK can hit big. It's really getting some traction now, and it's really becoming a brand that people can benefit from. We want to keep it intimate and family-like, but this thing is something everyone needs to experience. College drains you. It's absolutely draining, but when people leave here, they are so inspired and so rejuvenated and ignited to do something with their lives. We need to have more moments like this, more of this kind of solidarity. We need more of this action as one, of being together and supporting each other so that we can all leave our mark on the world."

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