HORU May 6, 2016

"Unfortunately, I really like Orgo; just because I feel like I've struggled with it more than your average human. And I don't know if that's valid because everyone struggles with it, but when it comes to Orgo and the upper level science classes, I put a lot of myself into it. I'm one of those people who are willing to sacrifice a lot for my grades. It's just been hard for me because I was disappointed in myself for not doing as well as I wanted to. When you don't get the direct result, it's really hard to just keep going. It's really hard to tell yourself that it's going to be worth it; maybe not tomorrow, maybe not by next year, and maybe not in the next few years. But it's taught me to expect the unexpected. My main struggle that I've been facing is taking an unconventional path. But I'm hanging in there."

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