WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | Oct. 14, 2016



Rutgers students are speaking out in their new documentary on the "hijabi experience." Their video, "Hijabi World," covering serious issues such as Islamaphobia as well as humorous experiences such as "bad hijab days," has received 1.7 million views on Facebook. Their documentary was even featured on the Atlantic as well as the People's Film Festival. We laurel these Rutgers students for giving a voice to the female Muslim population.


An unknown "artist" has been targeting Rutgers with "Dick Butt" drawings. Students are reminded of their "high school days," while others are indifferent to the peculiar meme-imitations. Students can catch a glimpse of the graffiti on their way to class. We laurel the anonymous "Dick Butt" artist for adding a little bit of humor to our everyday commutes.


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that college students are smoking less cigarettes. It is reported that college students are at a low 17.9 percent of being likely to drink. The Rutgers Tobacco Dependence Program credits this to students taking the health risks into consideration. We laurel the college students for making better choices for their health.


Although this upcoming election marks the first instance where millennials can vote, studies show that the odds of this happening are low. About 60 percent of these 18-29 year olds are not absolutely certain that they will take part and vote in this year's elections. We dart the millennials for not taking the opportunity to take part in history and exercise their right to vote.


Students are disappointed in Rutgers' decision to ignore their plea for rollover meal swipes. The cause for concern mainly revolves around the fact that students do not always use all of their meal swipes during the course of a semester. This results in money lost. We dart the University's choice to waste the students' money on meals they might never redeem.


The Scarlet Knights' historic loss against the Wolverines is still leaving ripple effects in the fan base. The 78-0 loss turned out to be the worst shutout loss since 1888. The Wolverines came after the Scarlet Knights with touchdown after touchdown. We dart the athletic program for having us invest so much money into a program that does not result in a good outcome.

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