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Why is chocolate unsafe for dogs?

It is common for owners to feed their dogs food that they happen to be eating themselves. But some foods, like chocolate, can be particularly dangerous for your companion.

Chocolate contains the chemical theobromine, which is similar in structure to caffeine and a central nervous system stimulant, according to the Milliken Animal Clinic. The darker the chocolate, the more theobromine chemical it contains. 

While the human body contains the enzyme required to break down theobromine, dogs do not have the same enzyme, according to the site. 

 An influx of theobromine can cause excessive stimulation of the nervous and cardiovascular systems in dogs. This may result in high blood pressure, dehydration, body pains, seizures and possibly death, according to the site.  

Larger dogs are able to handle higher quantities of chocolate than smaller dogs, according to the site, but it is always best to take caution and avoid feeding a dog any amount of chocolate. 

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