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Peak into Hodera's future plans in interview with Matthew Smith

Hodera is a jaw-dropping alternative and indie rock band from New Brunswick, N.J., that is about to mesmerize music lovers up and down the east coast with its spring tour. The band played its departure show in a New Brunswick basement before playing at South by Southwest (SXSW) last week. The dynamic songs accompanied with bright lights, heartfelt lyrics and great musicianship had the entire house losing their minds.

Matthew Smith (MS): I’m Matthew Smith, and I play in the band Hodera.

Inside Beat (IB): So you guys are going off on a three-week tour from here. Where are you guys touring?

MS: We’re touring down the East Coast then over to SXSW in Austin, Texas. We’ll be there for an entire week and will be touring for the week back, so it will be three weeks total.

IB: That sounds really intense.

MS: Yeah, yeah, I’m really excited. We went to South by Southwest last year, and it was incredible. So we’re really excited to go back, a little more prepared.

IB: How do you feel during shows like South by Southwest?

MS: Dude, South by Southwest is a whole new ball game because you’re playing so many shows, and you’re not playing to just college kids or just bands. You’re playing to big musicians that you admire and take influence from, heads of record labels that I dream of being and then hanging out with them later.

It’s just small shows — we’ll play to like 50 people — but Pinegrove and Julien Baker will be there, and then afterwards it’s like “Hey great set, let's hang out.”

It’s crazy! So I’m excited to go back. I didn’t expect that last year, and this year I’m excited to go back with a plan and make some really great connections.

IB: So do you usually do tours leading up to festivals?

MS: Yeah, I’d say that’s how the touring market is. I mean local and DIY bands will tour sometimes just for the sake of touring, and sometimes that’s really cool, but a lot of times tours are for specific reasons ya know. They’re for things like promoting a record or going to a festival and touring over to it. So for this one it’s to go to South By, though sometimes it’s just to stay relevant.

IB: So this tour is mainly to go to South by Southwest?

MS: Yeah, though we would probably be touring anyway. We typically try to stay on the road at least four to five months a year.

IB: Is that four or five month’s straight!?

MS: Oh no, we tour in chunks! We toured for the winter, then we were home for 3 months, now we’re going out for a month.

IB: So tonight you played a new song called “North Dakota.” Are you planning on releasing a new record soon?

MS: We actually already have a new record. That’s what we’re doing at South By, going down there and trying to figure out the best way to release it.

IB: Is it going to be up for sale soon?

MS: Oh no, it won’t be up for a long time. We’re now making plans to release, but it’s going to be a while.

IB: So is it going to be like a teaser?

MS: No, and we’re not promoting that we are working on a new record or anything like that. We’re keeping it all on the DL. It’s just that when you play 30 shows a month, and we’ve been playing the same songs for years. So when we have the opportunity to sneak it in. That way it’s fun for us.

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