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Cap and Gown: Sean Brown

After transferring to Rutgers from country college, Brown quickly became a student leader through RUPA

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Sean Brown transferred to Rutgers from a county college and quickly became involved in campus culture through his involvement in the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA). After graduating, he plans to join the Graduate School of Education. 

Graduating from county college tasks many sophomores with a second wave of applications and, for a while, finishing his remaining two years at Rutgers seemed unrealistic for School of Arts and Sciences senior Sean Brown.

 Now, as Brown approaches graduation, he is the director of Transitions and Community for the Rutgers University Planning Association (RUPA) and a heavily involved member of the Rutgers community. 

He said a desire to improve on his subpar high school experience left him hungry to prove himself throughout his college career.

Within the first year his academic grades improved significantly, Brown said. Looking to continue the momentum into his first year at Rutgers, he sought out extracurricular activities and became an avid member of the community.

Attending, programming and organizing a number of RUPA events allowed him to better engage his peers and culminate groups of students with similar interests that he might never have met was it not for these events, Brown said.

“As a future teacher, programming events are something that will definitely shape how I engage with my future students. It is important in RUPA to know that Rutgers is a diverse place with so many different interests,” he said.

Looking ahead, Brown looks to continue his education at Rutgers as a student of the Graduate School of Education (GSE), specializing in special education, he said.

Incoming first-years who are unsure of their place in a school this large should consider making a large school feel small, Brown said. Through involvement, a school of 40,000 students can quickly become a second family.

“I also advise students take the bus, don't be lazy and drive. Parking is no joke here and tickets are no joke. Plus buses are great places to make new friends, strike up a conversation with anyone. Worst case scenario you probably won’t see them again,” he said.

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