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Instead of something sweet, sip on something scary

Halloween is almost here, and whatever your Halloweekend plans include, you’re probably going to want to have a few drinks at home first. Instead of your usual pre-game beverage of choice, why not make things a little spooky?

Today we’re sharing two recipes — one for a cocktail and one for a shooter. Both of these recipes have very few ingredients, so you can make your drinks and still get back to putting on your costume or posing for group pics.

Spooky Martini/Gibson

Start the night as a more sophisticated villain by shaking up a martini or a Gibson, depending on which garnish you choose (a Gibson is just a martini with a cocktail onion garnish instead of olives). In order to give the drink some Halloween spirit, we made the traditional garnishes into eyeballs. The recipe below calls for gin, but you can easily replace the gin with vodka if you prefer.

Makes 1 drink


2 ½ oz Gin

½ oz dry vermouth

Green olives or cocktail onions and roasted red peppers, for garnish


First, make your garnish. For the olive garnish, cut a small piece of roasted red pepper and stuff it inside of the olive, then skewer the olive on a toothpick (you can put more than one olive on a toothpick). 

For the cocktail onion garnish, cut off a small slice from the top of the onion, stick the toothpick through the back and then stick a piece of roasted red pepper to the front (cut) side, where the toothpick is coming out.

Chill your cocktail glass by filling it with crushed ice and water.

Combine gin and dry vermouth into a mixing glass filled with ice cubes and stir until chilled. Pour the crushed ice and water out of your cocktail glass, then strain the cocktail into your glass. Garnish with spooky eyeballs and impress your friends!

Bloody Brain Shooter

For something gory, venture to try a “bloody brain.” It's a shot of equal parts vodka and sweetened lime juice gets drizzled with Baileys, and when the Baileys hits the lime juice it curdles and makes a “brain.” The blood comes from a drizzle of grenadine on top (or hot sauce if you really hate yourself). This shooter is gross but sure to get you in the Halloween spirit.


Makes 1 shot

1 part vodka

1 part sweetened lime juice




Pour some Baileys into a cup, set aside with a straw nearby.

Combine chilled vodka and sweetened lime juice in a cocktail shaker, shake to combine.

Strain into a shot glass.

Using the tip of your finger, close off the top of the straw, then submerge the bottom into the cup of Baileys, sucking up some of the liquor into the straw. Submerge just the tip of the straw into the shot, then slowly release the Baileys. The Baileys will curdle, creating a sort of brain. Do this a few times until you have a well-formed brain.

Pour a capful of grenadine on top of the shot, then gross out your friends with the Bloody Brain.

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