Roommate Redirection

Roommate Redirection

My roommate could use some advice, but I’m struggling with what to tell him. We’re both graduating seniors majoring in business. I have an offer from one employer already, and my roommate could easily step into his family’s existing business in franchising across the Northeast. Neither of us is especially pumped about our prospects right now.

Unfortunately, my roommate has become newly obsessed with getting his MBA. He says it makes more sense to incur a little more debt to be way more marketable. I can’t help but think it’s more of a gamble now. I’ve heard that the number of job seekers with MBAs has skyrocketed. The degree can’t be that appealing to employers if everyone has it. 

That being said. I don’t know how to convince him that he should reconsider. What’s the best thing to do? 

The majority of college graduates are arguably in desperate need of appropriate career advice. Deciding what to do immediately after you graduate is no simple task. Pursuing further education is a common contingency plan for many aspiring careerists, but the path has a multitude of pros and cons to fully consider. Nevertheless, it might be more helpful to first direct your roommate’s attention to some of the best advice college grads never hear, compliments of Annie Cain at Business Insider

Essential to your future success is knowing that you aren’t alone when it comes to this dilemma. Countless graduates try to answer these very same questions with each passing year. Forbes contributor Robert Farrington put together a very compelling list of opportunities and risks to contemplate before committing to going to business school. Many of the items should seem rather obvious, but you’d be surprised how frequently people either ignore or neglect them. 

One of the most important points to explore is whether or not your roommate would truly benefit from a business degree without having any real-world experience. It shouldn’t surprise you that some of the best business school in the world only accept students with previous work experience. That’s usually because the curriculum was designed to leverage existing real-world knowledge. From this perspective, you can simply claim that your roommate is likely to derive more value from a business degree if he waits. 

Exercising patience isn’t necessarily an attractive option if you aren’t poised to begin something else with career potential. It’s possible that your roommate could land a job aimed at skill development while he studied management part-time. Linfield college offers online management degrees meant to address these exact scenarios. There’s no shortage of flexible programs to research. Faulkner’s online distance education programs also include an executive MBA. 

Regardless of the institution that your roommate might choose, it’s vital that he fully grasp how challenging his activities will become. The Muse composed a very apropos 4-step survival guide to help everyone balance work and grad school. Maintaining a healthy mindset is a key factor and often totally underestimated. Remind him that there’s no shame in tapping into his friends, family, and wider support network. Starting a career is no trivial pursuit. 

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” -- Mae West

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