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Rutgers plans One Stop Center to service student financial, parking needs

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The One Stop Center will be built on the location where the Administrative Services Building is currently found on Busch campus. The Center will be focused around servicing student parking and financial needs. 

Plans to open a One Stop Center focused around servicing student parking and financial aid needs are currently in the works. 

The center, set to open on Busch campus, will be built on the current Administrative Services Building (ASB1). Construction will begin in approximately one year and the building should be operational in two.

The Daily Targum reported last year that the One Stop Center would be the first step in a plan to have a center on all campuses. At the time, Rutgers administrators said they hoped to have it open by Summer 2019. 

“If you need to replenish your meal card, if you need help with financial aid, if you need assistance with parking, if you have a question about scheduling, you would just go to one stop,” said David Schulz, vice president of Planning, Development and Design at Rutgers. “Now you would have to go the records hall or student services, we want to have a single location where we can do all of that.”

Schulz is the architect of the project and said the One Stop Center will attempt to promote accessibility and easier transactions for Rutgers students. 

The Center came out of the Student Improvement Initiative Rutgers developed years ago and is a secondary aspect to the plan’s move to make student transactions easier by moving them online and through an app. 

Construction was approved by the University’s Board of Governors in 2018, according to Rutgers Today. The design is currently underway and the layout is already finished. The Center will be open in "phases," meaning certain sections will open to students before it is completed. 

“We will probably have the front phasing, meaning that the students will be able to get access in the front of the store while we finish the other half,” Schulz said. “We want to finish that student section first just to give people a taste.”

He added that the school picked ASB1 as the Center’s location because it is central to students and transportation and is near a transportation hub at the Busch Student Center. The One Stop Center also improves pedestrian access from its front door to the Busch Student Center.

The One Stop Center will create new opportunities for Rutgers employees, but not a new amount of jobs, Schulz said. The staff that is currently employed by the University in other departments will be cross-trained in order to be more flexible at the Center. 

“The layout has to be about getting you in, getting you what you need and then getting you out,” Schulz said. “If you’re spending a lot of time here not sure how to get around and get what you need, then we haven’t done our jobs correctly.”

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