Amazon becomes gifting goldmine for those on tight budgets

The holiday season is not complete without some type of stress. Whether it's because you're studying for finals, baking cookies for your entire family or purchasing gifts, the holiday rush can be extremely tiring. The prospect of a Secret Santa gift exchange among friends and family might be enough to give you a headache, but it can also turn into a really exciting time. 

Most gift exchanges are set on a standard price limit of around $25, which is especially helpful for us college kids on a budget. Yet, $25 can still be a tricky amount to find the perfect gift since it is such a specific price range. 

Thankfully, Amazon is one of the best places to do all your holiday shopping. So whether you drew the name of a dear friend or someone you are not close to, these gift ideas will make sure everyone goes home happy with a smile on their face – especially with that overnight shipping. 

Coloring Books and Pencils

The newest trend that has been circling the internet is adult coloring books. What was once an activity strictly for children is now resurfacing as an extremely popular de-stressing activity for adults. The therapeutic elements that coloring books provide are now applied to adults in order to ease the daily pressures of life. Amazon has coloring books that sell for approximately $10 or less which means you have the option of also including colored pencils or markers. A quick and easy gift like this could easily make someone’s day a lot better. 

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Everyone loves the wide variety of bath bombs from the store Lush, but sometimes $50 for a gift set can be a little pricey. Luckily, Amazon has very similar products for less, but you get more. Amazon has a gift set of 12 handmade bath bombs filled with moisturizers and oils, making sure the skin does not dry out during winter. Perfect for relaxing, this gift set is essential for anyone who enjoys a bubble bath or spa day. 

Wine Bottle Opener

Perfect for those who just turned 21, Amazon is selling a 3-pack wine opener. It includes a professional, yet affordable corkscrew wine opener for those who need something cheap that has quality. With three different types of material for the handle, the product is just as similar and durable as an expensive one. With a specifically designed steel handle that will effortlessly remove all kinds of corks in a few turns, this unique product is a wine lover’s best friend. 

"The Astrology of You and Me" by Gary Goldschneider 

The solutions to almost all our problems are in the stars, and this essential guide to taking on relationships is a must-have in anyone’s collection. This book can help you better understand yourself and also help you learn how people with different personalities interact with each other in various aspects of life. Chapters are organized by astrological signs to provide answers between you and your star-crossed lover. Although Urban Outfitters is selling this book for $25, it can be found on Amazon for much less. 

Charging Hub Station

As new iPhones come out and technology gets smarter, our wires seem to get even more tangled than they already are. There are chargers for every device and sometimes the many gadgets we own make life more difficult. Amazon is selling a compact charging station, compatible with all Apple Watch series, AirPods and iPhone generations. This stand is the perfect accessory to have on your nightstand or on a work desk. Designed in four different colors, this charging station will have you saying goodbye to all your chargers. 

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