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SURIANO: We must not allow America to feel ‘Bern’ of socialism

Opinion Column: A RINO's View

Everyone’s favorite 77-year-old senator from Vermont is running for president again. I am referring, of course, to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Last time around, even though he put the fear of God into Hillary Clinton, he did not ever really stand a chance. So, he never had people really look into his background fully. But, now that he seems to have a real shot at the Democratic nomination for president I think people ought to point out that Sanders is not a good man and his ideas are dangerous. On top of that, he is a hypocrite who does not live by the ideology that he would put the rest of us under.

Sanders’s past statements reveal his radicalism and support for the enemies of the United States. One of the most haunting images of communist repression is hundreds of people lining up for food because their leaders have stolen their land and killed productivity. But Sanders calls breadlines “a good thing.” 

I wish I was joking but sadly a presidential candidate actually believes that a country having breadlines is a good thing. My god, can you imagine being in a brutal communist regime barely getting enough bread to survive and hearing a privileged man from America telling you it is a good thing? It is disgusting and shows that Sanders puts his warped ideology above basic human decency. 

If this was the only terrible thing Sanders has said about communist countries, then it would be disqualifying enough but the senator does not stop there. He has a habit of praising brutal regimes that also happen to be the enemy of the United States. Sanders describes how he was “sick” when John F. Kennedy spoke out against communist Cuba. So, Democratic primary voters, think to yourself whose side are you on, Kennedy or Fidel Castro, because Sanders is firmly on the Castro side. The same Castro who repressed human rights, caused millions to risk death to flee the island and locked gay Cubans in internment camps. 

Besides the obvious moral outrage of supporting Castro, allow me to talk to you about the nitty gritty of politics for a moment. Democrats, when you are picking your nominee, remember that Florida is a key swing state and decide if you think the millions of Cuban exiles living in Florida will allow a pro-Castro candidate to win the state? No, I do not think they will allow that. Furthermore, older Americans vote more than other groups in politics and they grew up in the height of the Cold War. Do you think they will vote for this proto-communist? Again, I do not think so.

Unfortunately, we are not done going through Sanders’s support of communist enemies of the United States. Sanders went to the USSR for his honeymoon. This is a thing not a whole lot of non-communists would have done. He then went on to praise the USSR and its “youth programs.” What he is talking about, of course, is its indoctrination of the youth. Sanders, whether willingly or unwillingly (I suspect willingly), is acting as a Soviet propagandist. 

The USSR has a history of using “useful idiots,” a term coined by Vladimir Lenin himself, to describe westerners who spread propaganda about the USSR. Sanders is the very definition of a useful idiot: willing and able to fall for the Soviets’ lies and spread them back stateside. Sanders went further than that by giving aid to an evil war criminal. He admits to traveling to Nicaragua and helping the dictator Daniel Ortega rise to power. He makes no pretense to hide helping brutal regimes. Sanders is clearly a radical who, even if he calls himself a “Democratic socialist,” was at one point a Marxist. 

On top of his radical views he is also a hypocrite who wants socialism for thee but not for he.  Sanders is the proud owner of three homes. Now I would never attack someone for being successful, but for a man who spends most of his time attacking the rich it seems the height of hypocrisy to flaunt his wealth in this way. 

For someone so concerned about the poor why does he not live in one of his homes and let the homeless live in the other two? Why not sell the other two houses and use the funds to start a charity? I can tell you why not — because Sanders does not want to be the factory worker or farmhand in his socialist paradise. No, Sanders wants to be the politburo leader driving fancy cars and living in large houses off the backs of the forced laborer. Sanders wants to be the animal that is more equal than the others on the "Animal Farm."

Robert Suriano is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in history. His column, "A RINO's View," runs on alternate Mondays.


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