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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | February 1, 2019



Gene-editing company Horizon Discovery recently announced that they plan on joining with Rutgers in a new and exclusive partnership. Together, the University and Horizon Discovery will work to develop a new technology for editing genes. Anyone can see the importance this sort of research can play in the course of human history, especially in regard to creating cures and preventing disease. We laurel the University and Horizon Discovery for their drive to change the course of history. 


A study conducted by Rutgers and Yale University researchers found that heavy drinking can actually cause a modification in one's genes that leads one to crave alcohol more. The genes that are affected by such consumption essentially provide “instructions for the body to regulate its stress response system,” according to The Daily Targum, and are called PER2 and POMC. The more time one spends in New Brunswick or any other college town, the more one may realize the truth to the results of this study. We dart the adverse effects of a culture dependent on drinking culture. 


Rutgers’ men’s basketball team broke a number of program records on Wednesday night when it triumphed over Indiana, moving up to eighth place in the Big Ten rankings. It is safe to say the Scarlet Knights played impressive basketball, at one point scoring 22 unanswered points, and are beginning to show off the future of the program. We laurel the men’s basketball team for their recent impressive push upward.  


Amy Towers, billionaire and former chief operating officer (COO) of Glenview Capital Management, has been nominated to take an open seat on the Rutgers Board of Governors. The University’s faculty union has taken a stance against her nomination, essentially stating that she is only being considered because of her recent large donation to the athletic department. We dart this new nomination, as members of the Board of Governors should have significant experience as leaders in the fields of academia and education. 


A large group of interested people gathered in the Douglass Student Center recently for the 29th Annual Winter Conference. The conference was hosted by the Northeast Organic Farming Association-New Jersey (NOFA-NJ), and aimed to connect gardeners and farmers with people who are experts in the field of organic food production. Going into the future, sustainable food production will be key. In that case, we laurel NOFA-NJ for allowing non-experts to learn more about the field’s importance. 


The number of food-insecure students utilizing the Rutgers Student Food Pantry has more than doubled during the past five months. It may not seem like it to many Rutgers students, but there are a significant number of members in our community that experience difficulty acquiring adequate and nutritious meals on a daily basis. Studies show not receiving adequate nutrition can ultimately affect a student’s ability to perform well in school. While we praise the Student Food Pantry for their work, we dart the fact that students in our community still struggle with this issue.


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