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HORU April 11, 2019


“I’m an Indian Punjabi girl at heart. I’m very proud of that, and I’m even prouder because I just love it. Punjabi people are known to be vibrant, loud and just really loving. I think what I love about what I am and the culture I grew up in is that we’re very accepting. The fact that my culture and my family just stays so tight-knit to our roots is very important to me. My mom instilled a lot of the culture in me. I speak the native language, I listen to the music and I design my own outfits. It’s always good to know that I’m going to be taking something from my culture, and I’m going to be passing it onto the next generation. I think that’s a very important thing because I never want my culture to die down. That is what makes you unique. If you have a culture, learn about it, make it your own and be happy with it.”

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