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Glass ceiling shatters, Lilly Singh nabs NBC late-night gig

YouTube sensation Lilly Singh recently revealed that she will be taking Carson Daly’s slot on the NBC late-night lineup with her own show, “A Little Late with Lilly Singh.” Since the beginning of her entertainment career, Singh fell in love with YouTube, since it's a diverse platform and creative space where anyone can produce content. 

With more than 14 million subscribers, Singh has worked her way up to this position and is ready to take on this more challenging and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Singh will also be the first queer woman of color to ever host a late-night show on 1 of 4 major networks. 

With the surprise announcement on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” with surprise guest Seth Meyers, Singh’s new show will be a half-hour program with a variety of guests premiering this September in the 1:35 a.m. slot. Although it will be aired a little late, her presence on a bigger network will hopefully attract a more diverse audience and bring a refreshing feel to a male-dominated industry. 

YouTube is a booming media platform with a growing presence and audience, which raises the question: Is the future of primetime television safe? This new change to television may help bring back its views that have slowly been dissipating. Currently, Singh produces her own content on her own channel doing videos such as raps, sketch comedy, interviews, charity work and more. Singh has worked with many famous celebrities and has built connections that are more personal compared to being a regular television host. 

Her second channel, SuperwomanVlogs, is like a daily journal of her life, creating lists of things to accomplish throughout her day, inspiring others to hustle hard and earn their success. In her book, “How to be a Bawse,” Singh emphasizes the importance of being true to yourself and controlling your own life and goals. Singh’s content shows that being different and creating content you love will get you where you need to be. As for late-night talk show hosts, this is the change that she has been waiting for. 

While many of these late-night talk shows consist of comedy and content aimed toward an older audience, television producers forget that the younger generation of kids are not fully attracted to these concepts and thus end up veering towards YouTube. Some examples of content on these shows are Jimmy Fallon’s interviews with famous celebrities as well as music performances and parodies. Meyers enjoys exploring contemporary current events in depth, which has given the show a politically-driven edge. 

“I’m so excited because I truly get to create a show from scratch, I get to make it inclusive, I get to create comedy segments and interview people and really create something that I believe in,” Singh said.

This new change to television will potentially help save late-night television, but will it change Singh? She currently has no problem voicing her opinions and being a little louder than normal, but will she tone down her videos for the purpose of being on television? 

Hopefully Singh stays true to herself, making bad situations into comedy and just enjoy being the first Canadian-Indian YouTuber to ever host her own television show. 

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