Some Rutgers students claim WiFi has been slower this semester

<p>The Academic Building on the College Avenue Campus uses Rutgers' WiFi.&nbsp;</p>

The Academic Building on the College Avenue Campus uses Rutgers' WiFi. 

Recently, some have noticed there has been slower WiFi throughout the campuses at Rutgers, making it more difficult for students to complete their work and fulfill their extracurriculars.

Caitlyn Horton, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, said she has been experiencing issues with the system.  

“My internet failed while I was trying to take an online exam and I was annoyed with it,” Horton said. “It was an online exam so there was a possibility I could have even failed completely if it shut down. I was really shocked and I was about to panic when it happened.”

Horton said that it takes more time to open documents on her computer than it has in the past while using Rutgers’ WiFi. 

“I’m afraid of this constantly happening because there are students here who are trying to get their work done and the WiFi plays a huge role in it. Poor WiFi can even affect people’s grades,” Horton said.

Another student, Lauren Musni, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, gave her input on the slow WiFi. She said she has not noticed a difference from last year. 

“I haven’t really noticed a difference. I only transferred to Rutgers a year ago. I don’t think there’s been any changes to the WiFi system,” Musni said. 

Another possible cause of slow WiFi is something called a denial-of-service attack (DoS attack), which happens when multiple systems intentionally flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system, usually one or more web servers. 

Skyler Lee, a School of Engineering senior, pointed out something about the slow WiFi. “I remember there was a DoS attack on the WiFi system a couple of years ago. I will have to get back with OIT on that but I know it did happen and caused problems," she said.

Neal Buccino, the associate director of Public and Media Relations, said that the Office of Information Technology (OIT) added more than 800 wireless access points, making there more than 10,000 total on campus. 

“The Office of Information Technology is continually making improvements to the University’s wireless network to ensure fast, reliable internet for students, faculty, staff and guests. The wireless network serves an average of 120,000 devices daily, with over 63,000 concurrent connections.”

The OIT has received only sporadic reports of issues with WiFi since the start of the semester, Buccino said. On Oct. 3, the OIT issued an alert message about network issues that had been causing a slowdown in a variety of IT services. While not a WiFi-specific issue, this may have caused the issues that students experienced, he said. 

“OIT’s goal is to provide fast internet access to everyone within the University. OIT continues infrastructure improvements to increase capacity and improve performance. OIT also reviews usage of the service and identifies locations for upgrades,” Buccino said. 

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