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SURIANO: Response to China threat must be strong

Column: A RINO's View

Rutgers, we need to talk about China, specifically the Chinese government, which if you have not noticed is a rising threat to international order. 

What is worse is big American business and our government do not seem to care. First, I will explain the problems with their government and the deeply concerning response or lack thereof by Americans. 

The first major issue is the ongoing crackdown of the protest in Hong Kong which began over an extradition law that would allow alleged criminals to be transferred to the mainland. 

This naturally angered many people of Hong Kong, who are accustomed to a more liberal criminal justice system from the days of British rule. This desire for their freedom has led to a month-long protest that has, at times, turned violent. 

Recently the Hong Kong police have stated they will use live fire to control protests. This has set the stage for a potential violent massacre in Hong Kong not seen in China since Tiananmen Square. Now, many Chinese Government apologists have argued that the protesters are violent, and the police are only protecting law and order. 

But it is a universal principle that people ought to have the right to have a say in their government and overturn unjust laws. The people have the right to resist tyranny and the Chinese government is tyrannical as you will see.

The Chinese government has in recent years been placing more than a million mostly Muslim minorities in internment camps. Yes, you read that right: China has been locking millions of its citizens in gulags. 

This is an almost unspeakable crime, and if the Chinese government were a Western nation the international outrage would be at a much greater degree. This cannot be overlooked. Simply put, the Chinese government is no less a threat to international human rights than the Soviet Union. 

Thus, America's response should be no less total than the Cold War. We must no longer accept that over time China will liberalize and accept human rights. This is a fantasy. The American people should prepare themselves for this reality, because we can be certain the Communist Chinese are.

What is worrying is that American business and prominent Americans would rather keep their money flowing. The most famous example of this in recent memory was the national embarrassment of the NBA, when a Houston Rockets executive tweeted his support for the Hong Kong protest. 

This lead to outrage from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and this worried the NBA, which has been expanding into China over recent years. They forced him to apologize and to delete his tweet but this still did not satisfy the Chinese who banned NBA games. 

Even the greatest basketball player on Earth, LeBron James, bent the knee to the communist thugs when he attacked the Houston executive for his error of supporting democracy. 

This is embarrassing and un-American to side with communist over democracy for a few bucks. Other areas are not out of bounds. Recently, Hollywood made changes to a jacket in the upcoming “Top Gun” movie, because they mentioned Taiwan, which is a country the Chinese government does not recognize. So what is to be done?

America must be willing to meet the Chinese threat in rhetoric and in action. The American people and government must accept that the Chinese government is evil. They are willing to shoot protesters and lock Muslims in internment camps. 

This is not a case of different cultures. There are universal moral facts that cross cultures. We must keep up the political will to counter them. Our businesses should be able to sacrifice money in order not to give up our values. Our government must be willing to stand up for our allies in the region like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. 

We must also be willing stand up for the Hong Kong protestors who are standing up for our common freedom. If America is not going to stand up for freedom around the world, then what is the point of our country? During the Cold War, America stood as a beacon for freedom around the world. 

We showed the world that our system of freedom, liberal government and capitalism was the way the world moved away from the darkness of World War II. We must not forget those lessons learned, that communism leads only to darkness and death. As socialism rises in the west now more than ever America must stand up for freedom. 

China must not be allowed to continue down this path and Americans should not let them. 

Robert Suriano is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in history. His column, "A RINO's View," runs on alternate Mondays.


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