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Honoring artist for Black History Month: Lizzo

<p>Lizzo is an American artist that inspires people around the world with her feel-good music. People love that she's authentic in her music and character.&nbsp;</p>

Lizzo is an American artist that inspires people around the world with her feel-good music. People love that she's authentic in her music and character. 

As we are in Black History Month, it’s only right that we take a moment to appreciate the artists at the forefront of America: the strong Black individuals who are admired by all ages. 

The artist I most admire is not only a strong Black person of today's generation but also a strong woman of color who stands up for what she believes in, does not let people body shame her or anyone else and uses her platform to influence and empower other women: Lizzo. 

Last year, Lizzo rose to fame with her hit song “Truth Hurts.” From that moment forth, she was all the rage in the media and on the radio. Young women of all ages, orientations, ethnicities, colors and backgrounds looked to Lizzo as a modern woman of empowerment.

She shook up the music scene, and her outfits and dramatically confident personality caught news and media sites' attention everywhere. From her ultra-tiny bag to her cutout dress at the Los Angeles Lakers game, Lizzo has become a fashion icon and an icon of youth.  

She is true to herself, does not hold back and loves herself fully, no matter what people say about her. She has taken to the media to display this and has not been afraid to hit back at the haters, making her popularity soar exponentially. This mentality is refreshing to see in the media, as Instagram and sites alike portray a lifestyle that is unrealistic and too perfect, bringing people, especially women and young girls, down. 

Lizzo brought a new light to the monotonous and artificial world of social media. She is quirky and unafraid to post photos of herself, embracing her body, her curves and her culture. She was even named Entertainer of the Year for 2019 from Time Magazine. 

She is bursting with positivity and it shows in her music, interviews and social media. She is a fantastic example for young women everywhere, a story of a girl who at one point was full of negativity and self-doubt, scrutinizing herself, just as we all do, influenced by the world around us and the unrealistic body expectations presented to us. She has purposefully taken to breaking that mold and has made it very clear time and time again in her music, interviews and her posts on Instagram. 

In a world where self-image is everything, she grew into a confident young woman who embraces her sexuality, her color and her size openly and positively.  

Her music is meant to uplift and to embrace positivity as she has done in her life, trying to change the format of the pop music scene and its obsession with obscene sexuality, especially from the perspective of a male singer or rapper.

Lizzo is a talented, positive woman and, at 31 years old, has made a name for herself in just one year. People like her could revolutionize pop music and the media world and bring us together — people from all walks of life. 

She embodies what it's like to be a woman in 2020 — to take control of your own life and not let anyone, men or women, walk all over you, tell you who to be or what to say or how to feel. She empowers all, not just women of color but every woman. She has opened a door for healing and strength in our more negative, politically riddled, war-and-diseased-filled world.

Lizzo is worthy of being a part of the conglomerate of monumental people we recognize during Black History Month, and her personality will revolutionize the world bringing positivity to everyone. Here's to you Lizzo — keep doing you.

Happy Black History Month. You made it, girl!

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