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SURIANO: Warren’s defeat was not caused by sexism

Column: A RINO's View

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) recently dropped her presidential campaign after coming in third place in her own home state. 

Immediately a great number of articles began putting the blame for her loss on sexism. This is a ridiculous notion on the face of it — and really does not need to be responded too — but since I need to fill 750 words for this column, you will read my response.

Warren lost not because of sexism, but because she was a bad candidate that people do not trust. Let us go through the logic of the argument and see if it holds water. To say Warren lost due to sexism, you must also say that the Democratic party became sexist in the last four years, as of course, they nominated a woman just four years ago. 

I mean, you do not have to believe me. I am a man, and worse than that I am a Republican. Let us ask some women if they support Warren. Not just any women, Democratic women in her own home state. In the Massachusetts primary 24 percent of women voted for her, while 34 percent voted for former Vice President Joe Biden, 26 percent for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and 11 percent for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 

So, if you struggle with math as I do, that means that 71 percent of Democratic women in her home state voted for some old white dude over her. Now, are you saying these women in fact hate women? No, of course not. There must be some other reason she lost, and I will mansplain it to you.

First off, Warren is an incredible liar and voters tend to punish this. What is worse for the Senator is she does not lie about policy, she lied about basic aspects of her life. Famously, she claimed for a great deal of her life that she was Native American. She claimed this on legal forms and was listed by Harvard University as a minority. She took a DNA test that stated she was between 1/32nd and 1/1024th Native American. 

She actually attempted to use this test result to argue that she was right. This is wrong for two obvious reasons. One, her Native-American ancestor was so many years ago it hardly can be said to be an important part of her identity.

The second is that DNA does not make you apart of a tribe. Tribes have rules and laws regarding who is and who is not a member. Furthermore, claiming to be a Native American to get benefits is extremely offensive to actual Native Americans who still must live with the effects of the many crimes committed against them.

I did an AncestryDNA test and it said I was 10 percent Ashkenazi Jewish. I would never identify as such because in no way has my life been affected by the crimes the Jewish people have suffered, the big and the small. I am Catholic, not Jewish, so I do not share any of the traditions.

In the same way, Warren was not affected by the crimes the Native Americans suffered or shared in any of their traditions. So, to masquerade as a Native American and to double down on that lie goes a long way to show why people do not trust her. 

This is not the only lie she has told about herself. She said all her children attended public school while attacking private schools. It turns her son in fact attended private school. There was also controversy over her claim that she was fired from her teaching job after becoming pregnant. This seems possible given the time period, but of course they would not say they fired her for being pregnant. 

The problem here is that the only witness is Warren, who is unreliable, and she has lost the benefit of the doubt. Another reason voters do not trust her is that for a great deal of her life she was Republican and a conservative one at that. Even more recently before entering politics her economic policies were more conservative. Now compare her to Sanders, who has maintained his radical beliefs all his life.

He was a Marxist in college and he is a Marxist now. Personally I think changing one’s mind can be a good thing, but to many democratic voters her passionate defense of progressive ideas may come off as disingenuous. 

I believe the real reason Warren lost was due to voters not trusting her, nor should they have trusted her.  

Robert Suriano is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in history. His column, "A RINO's View," runs on alternate Mondays.


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