Thrifting lookbook: Save planet comfortably in these outfits

Thrifting has grown in popularity within the past few years, and whether you’re looking for a good bargain or want to explore your style, you’ll be decreasing your carbon footprint too! 

Thrifting is one simple way that you can make an individual impact on waste and decrease worldwide demand for fast fashion. In this lookbook, I’ll be featuring five gender-neutral outfits with some clothing I’ve thrifted. Most of my clothing is from Goodwill, but keep in mind that you can also go to flea markets, smaller thrift stores, clothing exchanges and more!

Look 1:

Flannel — $4, St. John’s Bay, T-shirt — $2, custom

Flannels are an easy thing to find at the thrift store, and there’s usually a variety of colors and sizes available for you to choose from! I chose mine because it was really soft, and I liked the colors. I also like my flannels to be a little oversized, since I think it makes it more comfortable. 

Graphic T-shirts are also a good purchase and versatile for anyone to wear, but you might have to spend some time searching for one. I didn’t crop mine for this look, but sometimes I’ll cut a few inches off of a really big T-shirt.

Jeans — $8, BCC Blues

My rule of thumb when shopping for jeans is to be patient — even in most retail stores, finding jeans can be difficult. Also, check all sections since you never know what will fit you or what you’ll find. 

Look 2: 

Mockneck — $5, Hasting & Smith Petites

In the fall and winter, turtlenecks and mocknecks are a staple in my closet because they’re really easy to layer with. It’s not much, but it definitely adds something extra to your outfit and it’ll keep you warm. I usually like to get turtlenecks in neutral colors because they’re easy to pair, and I usually try to make sure they’re not too big.

Sweatshirt — $6, official University of Oxford merchandise

I definitely don’t go to the University of Oxford, but this super cool sweatshirt is really soft, warm and an easy thing to throw on when it’s cold. 

Jeans — $8, DKNY

Black jeans are a bit hard to find at the thrift store, but a lot of the ones I’ve come across have been name brands. These are really simple and easy to wear with anything!

Look 3: 

Striped turtleneck — $3, Ann Taylor

It’s a little hard to see in the photo, but again, I tried to layer with a turtleneck underneath this sweater for extra dimension. 

Sweater — $5, Champion

This is my only Rutgers gear, but I’m proud to say I thrifted it! As you can see from the sleeves, this sweater is originally an XXL so it went down to my knees when I bought it. I just cut it with a pair of scissors, and now it fits a lot better.

Jeans — $7, Lee

Unfortunately, a pen exploded in my washing machine a couple years ago with this pair of jeans, but I still wear them anyway. They fit well, and they’re easy to wear!

Look 4: 

Turtleneck — Thrifted and gifted from a friend, $6, Gap

My friend Will thrifted this sweater for me while he was in Kentucky, and it’s one of my favorite sweaters! Even if you can’t find something for yourself at the thrift store, you can keep an eye out for something your friends might like, too. 

Jacket — Not Thrifted, $30, GAP

Jeans — Thrifted from Goodwill, $8, Calvin Klein

These jeans are super oversized on me, but I like them because it’s easier to tuck thicker sweaters into larger jeans. Also, like I mentioned before, black jeans are harder to find at the thrift store, so I try to get whatever I can find!

Sneakers — Not thrifted, $25, New Balance

Look 5: 

T-shirt — $2, Gildan

This solid color T-shirt is really comfortable and easy to wear with anything and is a good piece for layering or just a simple outfit. 

Jacket — $10, George

I’ve probably had this jacket for more than four years now, and it’s still one of my favorite thrifted pieces. It’s really warm, an easy color to pair with and it has a bunch of secret pockets! 

Sweatpants — $5, Champion

You can almost always find a pair of Champion sweatpants at the thrift store and they’re just a really comfortable thing to have in your closet.

Duffle bag — $10, Jeep

This duffle bag is one of my favorite purchases because it looks cool and it’s practical. Make sure to check out the accessories section at the thrift store, too.

If you’re interested in checking out somewhere close by, Second Reformed Thrift Shop is right on the College Ave campus — check it out on 8 Stone Street! 

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