Twitter accounts post sexual assault accusations, Rutgers holds open forum

Multiple Twitter accounts have surfaced this month with the purpose of exposing alleged sexual assaulters at Rutgers and in New Jersey.

One account, under the name Assaulters at RU, had posted the names and photos of the alleged assaulters, as well as a description of the accusation, according to an article on

"This page was not meant for revenge," the creator of the account said, according to the article. "It was meant to hold people accountable and to spread awareness that our campus is not safe until there are repercussions for sexual assault."

Similar accounts have been created for other universities around the country, including University of Michigan, Michigan State University and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), among others, according to an article on The College Fix.

Following the creation of these accounts, which have since been removed, the Rutgers Division of Student Affairs held an open forum that focused on the discussion of sexual violence around the University's campus.

This forum was a collaboration between Student Affairs, the Office of Compliance and Title IX, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs and the Office for Violence Protection and Victim Assistance, according to the website. The goals of this forum were to allow students to voice their concerns and expectations, as well as to share resources and offer support to University students.

The website titled Save Our Sons has expressed opposition to the anonymous accusations posted on these accounts and the responses of the universities.

"If males desire a college education and a college degree do not apply to colleges that promote anonymous allegations," according to the website. "Stay away from: University of Michigan, UCLA, Oakland University, Grand Valley State, Rutgers University and Western Michigan. These college(s) do not support a presumption of innocence."