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Editor's Picks: Albums

This month, we asked our editors about their favorite albums for our monthly series "Editor's Picks." 
Photo by Photo by Kelly Carmack | The Daily TargumThis month, we asked our editors about their favorite albums for our monthly series "Editor's Picks." 

As part of our Inside Beat summer series of Editor's Picks, this month Daily Targum editors are weighing in on their favorite albums. Whether it be streaming Car Seat Headrest or blasting Flo Milli, these are the albums our editors can't get enough of.

Editor in Chief and Managing -Andreana Loukidis and Michelle Fan:

Loukidis and "After Laughter":

"After Laughter" is Paramore's fifth studio album released in 2017. Paramore is an American rock band with fans that appreciate a range of genres.

"Paramore's 'After Laughter' is an album I come back to constantly (due to) how beautifully it encapsulates the duality of heavy emotions - something that's especially prevalent in the third single 'Fake Happy.' It's a work of art and each song makes me feel like I'm less alone," Loukidis said.

Fan and "Introspection":

"Introspection" is an EP released by 21-year-old R&B singer UMI. The singer is known for exploring different concepts like race and identity in a reflective, dreamy way.

"My favorite album is actually an EP by UMI, called 'Introspection,' released in 2020. UMI is one of the artists I always have on repeat. I love her gentle, light melodies and the sweetness of her voice," Fan said. "Everyone looking for chill but groovy music should check her out!"

News Desk -Hayley Slusser and Maddie McGay

Slusser and "Twin Fantasy":

Car Seat Headrest, the band you've probably heard your indie-loving friend beg you to listen to, is an American band with hits like "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales" and "Vincent."

"'Twin Fantasy' by Car Seat Headrest is an incredible album - it conveys the feeling of heartbreak that everyone can relate to, but uses specific references to the artist's relationship throughout each track to make the album unique and cohesive," Slusser said.

McGay and "City Club":

The Growlers are a Southern California rock band, and "City Club" is the group's fifth studio album. Known for its garage-rock sound, the band released its latest album in 2019.

"The Growlers have such a good vibe and I think this is definitely one of their more underrated albums," McGay said.

Copy Desk -Eugena Pak and Tiffany Park

Pak and "Yesterday's Tomorrow"

Phony Ppl is a group based in Brooklyn, originally founded in 2010. "Yesterday's Tomorrow" is a self-produced 15-track album that was released in 2015.

"As someone who loves jazz, it is always hard to find the right balance in modern pop songs. Yet, the smooth fusion of hip-hop, jazz and R&B tracks on this album is addictive and will blow people away," Pak said.

Park and "Pure Heroine":

Lorde is the queen of sad girl music, and her debut album "Pure Heroine" is considered an alternative classic. Her melancholy lyrics and indie voice make for the perfect soundtrack to cry to.

"My favorite album is probably 'Pure Heroine' by Lorde because even though I listened to this album in like, middle school, it's still so good and has a special place in my heart (plus quarantine has made me super nostalgic)," Park said.

Sports Desk -Josh Valdez and Ray Lewis

Valdez and "good kid, m.A.A.d city":

Kendrick Lamar's album "good kid, m.A.A.d city" thrusted him into the mainstream in 2012. His unparalleled raps has made him one of the greatest and most influential artists of all time.

"The album I'm picking is 'good Kid, m.A.A.d City' by Kendrick Lamar. I love it (due to) how it tells a story while also being accessible. I also grew up listening to it, so I have that personal connection," Valdez said.

Lewis and "Stoney":

Post Malone is hardly an artist that needs an introduction, as one of the musicians often topping the charts. "Stoney" is the artist's debut studio album.

"I love Post Malone's 'Stoney' because almost every song in it is fantastic, and I have good memories attached to them," Lewis said.

Photo Desk -Salma HQ and Kelly Carmack

HQ and "El Mayalove":

"El Mayalove" is a 14-track EP by rising star Ya Levis. With a mix of Congolese and French influences, the artist creates an unparalleled authenticity in his latest release.

"I've been really into Afro-pop recently and this EP is 14 tracks of beautiful French love songs laid set to a melodic fusion of R&B beats and elements of classic Congolese rumba," HQ said. "Even if you don't speak the language, his vocals alone can transport you to all the summer night parties you're avoiding to stay safe and social distance on soft tracks like 'Mbangu Te' as well as more rap party songs like 'Fais-le.'"

Carmack and "the 1975":

The 1975 is an alternative band that inspired much of the 2014 soft grunge posts on Tumblr feeds. The band reached international notoriety after its self-titled album released in 2013.

"My favorite album is the 1975's first self-titled debut album. The songs are upbeat and have some 80's flare - which I'm really into - and I instantly fell in love with it when it first came out a couple years ago. Not everyone's cup of tea but it's my favorite," Carmack said.

Opinions and Inside Beat -Jake McGowan and Ameena Qobrtay

McGowan and "Kidz Bop 3":

Kidz Bop is a musical group that covers chart-topping hits, with a large audience of eager children.

"'Kidz Bop 3,' released March 4, 2003, is likely the greatest album of all time. Certified Gold, its in-depth lyricism, stellar production and front-to-back harmonizing convey the atmosphere and public sentiment of a post-9/11 America with statement songs such as 'Hero' and, as the albums final number, 'A Moment Like This,'" McGowan said.

Qobrtay and "Ho, Why Is You Here?":

You may have seen tweets that say something like "FLO MILLI SH*T!" or screenshots of the album onto social media this past week. "Ho, Why Is You Here?" by Flo Milli is 20-year-old Alabama rapper's masterful creation.

"My favorite album right now is definitely 'Ho, Why Is You Here?' by Flo Milli. I feel like every baddie is currently streaming the album just because it's so uplifting, empowering and simply exudes the attitude and boss energy a lot of individuals need right now. To Flo Milli, I say thank you for this masterpiece, and to the baddies turning up to these songs, cheers," Qobrtay said.

Video Desk -Tarana Parekh and Eli Horowitz

Parekh and "Trip":

Jhené Aiko is a singer known for her soothing vocals and lyricism centered around spirituality, self-love and finding oneself. "Trip" is the artist's second studio album, and it's hard to decide what's clearer, Aiko's tender lyrics or beautiful skin.

"This album captures the spirit of being carefree and living in the moment. I find myself listening to this anytime I want to chill out and relax," Parekh said.

Horowitz and "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars":

David Bowie is largely considered one of the greatest artists of all time, and his legacy exists even outside of his music: His fashion, attitude and interviews make him one of the most iconic figures of all time.

"My favorite album is the 1972 masterpiece by the great David Bowie, 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.' Ziggy Stardust is one of the greatest concept albums ever made and is filled with classics like 'Five Years,' 'Starman' and the emotional and timeless 'Rock 'n' Roll Suicide.' This album encompasses everything that made David Bowie one of the most fascinating and complicated artists ever to live," Horowitz said.