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New year, improved me: Be easy on yourself setting goals

(01/22/20 5:00am)

There are a variety of tropes and traditions that we adhere to, for some reason or the other. Some return to clichés like New Year's resolutions for comfort  —  a cheap, but meaningful psychic “reset.” In all honesty, I’m jaded, but I still think it’s worth the time to rethink some of the expectations we have when setting goals. Here are a few of the things we commonly get wrong when it comes to trying to get a fresh start. 

Looking at music's legendary debut albums through time

(11/04/19 5:00am)

There’s nothing more crucial than a first impression. We tailor the way we introduce ourselves based on the scenario, whether it’s a high-pressure situation like a job interview or a low-pressure greeting like meeting a friend of a friend. All the various quirks we suppress, pretenses we put up and rules of decorum we stick to are only amplified in the world of music.

Chappelle exposes flaw in 'cancel culture' critique: He's still here

(09/04/19 4:00am)

From the Oedipus complex to formations of ego and id, Sigmund Freud’s groundbreaking work was foundational to the field of psychoanalysis. Though often disputed and in some cases delegitimized, many aspects of his theory still pervade our lingo and understanding of each other. One of Freud’s more popular theories was psychological projection, roughly defined as defending one’s self against unconscious impulses by ascribing them to others while denying them in yourself. 

Caribbean Day keeps West Indian culture on campus

(04/23/19 4:00am)

Growing up nearby in Franklin Township, I’ve been around Rutgers all my life. Of course I attended a football game here or there, and like any kid living close enough, have a few Rutgers t-shirts that mysteriously appeared in my closet by way of giveaways and community outreach from the University. My understanding of Rutgers was vague in many ways, but there was an event that I would continually hear about: Caribbean Day. 

Guatemalan poet Rebeca Lane discusses artistry, activism

(04/11/19 4:00am)

Within the opening remarks of Guatemalan activist, poet and hip-hop musician Rebeca Lane's talk Tuesday afternoon in Tillet Hall, she gave her sharp perspective on the presence of migrant caravans in the modern day, and spliced the issue together with current perils in her homeland of Guatemala. Against the backdrop of the expansive Mayan population of Guatemala, Lane spoke out against a history of colonization and cited the legacy of United States intervention to create a dangerous outside reputation of the U.S.'s "backyard." 

Lil Nas X deserves multiple Grammys, prove me wrong

(04/10/19 4:00am)

Every year, there’s a song that just seems to encapsulate the cultural moment so well that it almost feels scripted, too good to be true. Last year Childish Gambino’s “This Is America,” inhabited that space, in large part due to its provocative, spellbinding video. With too many interpretations to count, the themes present in the cryptic, meticulous short film propelled the fairly simple song to both Record and Song of the Year honors at the Grammy Awards this past February. This year, the song that has most closely followed the pattern of incessant criticism and evaluation has been Lil Nas X’s newly crowned Billboard No. 1 hit “Old Town Road.” 

ESPN's $10 M. man: Inside Stephen A. Smith's meteoric rise

(04/09/19 4:00am)

By my very unscientific estimation, the actual athletic feats on display only account for roughly 30 percent of the near-religious fervor surrounding the world of professional sports. The other 70 percent is the never-ending editorialization, narrative-building and dialogue that surrounds the various leagues. The world's greatest athletes, in order to sustain their place in history, need a character arc, a story. 

Corefest 2019: Rutgers' DIY scene pokes its head above ground

(04/02/19 4:00am)

If you’re in the know, you’re familiar with the vibrant and historic do-it-yourself (DIY) music scene that exists here at Rutgers. Week in and week out, there are shows held by students that run the musical gamut of hard rock, funk, punk, rap and more. Raucous, passionate and bold, there’s an egalitarian quality to playing for and among your peers. The stage is never a vaunted platform, increasing the distance between audience and performer. In a New Brunswick basement, the artists are front and center, live and direct. 

Celebrating humanity's shared artistic tradition: Theatre

(03/27/19 4:00am)

In May 1964, playwright, author and activist Lorraine Hansberry gave a speech to the winners of a creative writing contest hosted by Reader’s Digest and the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). Included in her remarks was this illuminating quote: “Write if you will: But write about the world as it is and as you think it ought to be and must be — if there is to be a world. Write about all the things that men have written about since the beginning of writing and talking — but write to a point. Work hard at it, care about it. Write about our people: Tell their story. You have something glorious to draw on begging for attention. Don’t pass it up.” 

Black Rutgers Community Forum discusses accountability of students, diversity in faculty

(02/27/19 2:26pm)

Rutgers United Black Council (UBC), the umbrella organization of all African, African American and Afro-Caribbean student organizations, held an event on the College Avenue campus on Monday night titled the “Black Rutgers Community Forum” to connect students and inform them about student organizations, financial aid and more. 

Parodying people for profit : When brands act like one of us

(02/19/19 5:00am)

There’s no question that we’re surrounded by advertisements, and the obvious truth is that we don’t really care about it. From product placement in our favorite shows and movies to the panel ads on an overcrowded REXL, ads are a quotidian feature of our lives. Most ads are boring and make no bones about it, but there’s always been a cutting edge form of advertising that plays on the popular thought of the time.