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U. treatment of staff employees promotes inequality, unjust

(04/20/15 12:56am)

Rutgers management is trying to discriminate against its staff employees. If you want to understand income inequality, how it works and how the seeds of it are planted, look no further than contract negotiations going on at Rutgers. Management just signed a contract with the faculty union granting it special protections in the areas of health insurance and raises. They are trying to deny these same protections to staff.

Daoud’s critique of Christian relations in Israeli-Palestinian conflict unfounded

(04/15/15 1:55am)

The letter written by Elizabeth Daoud both criticizes the Israeli government for its treatment of Palestinian Christians and chides Christians United for Israel for its support of this key democratic stronghold surrounded by autocratic governments. Her letter is filled with misstatements, and her ire seems misguided.

Gov. Pence, bigoted actions, speech prove you are bigoted

(04/14/15 5:36am)

Using the term “religious freedom” in the title of your Bill is an Orwellian attempt to fool Americans into believing that this is a wholesome reaffirmation of one of the pillars of our Constitution. We have the Bill of Rights. Most, if not all, attempts to “redefine and restate” this wonderful document are thinly veiled attempts to circumvent the very freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. As ratified by the U.S. Congress in 1791, Article 3 of the Bill of Rights states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ... or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press ... or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Do we really need to rework this? Particularly during this Easter season, Governor Pence, seek the help and guidance to love thy neighbor, as this is the basis of your professed religion, is it not? Or simply re-read the Bill of Rights and stop insulting us.

U. handling of sexual assault case disheartening, curt

(04/12/15 11:26pm)

In social environments such as university settings, sexual assaults are committed by intimate partners 61 percent of the time. As a student, sister, friend and military member, I am wary of my safety on campus, and due to recent incidents, I doubt my University’s ability to properly protect its students. Rutgers University is a prestigious institution that is well known for its extensive research facilities and diversified student body. However, with every buzz comes a kill. On March 20, 2015, a Targum article revealed that a female student came forward with evidence in the form of text messages from her boyfriend, admitting that he had raped her. Rutgers has not expelled the male student. I want to express the disappointment I have in donning scarlet red and being associated with Rutgers University after hearing of this decision. I also want to bring light to Rutgers' failure to care for its students.

Palestinian Christians message to Christians united under Israel

(04/09/15 12:43am)

My name is Elizabeth Daoud. I, like over a million Palestinians, am both Palestinian and Christian. I actually come from the Assyrian Orthodox Church, the first and original church of Christians in the Middle East. My parents were born in Palestine and have a long blood line from Jerusalem and Bayte Sahour. Many members of my family were first hand victims of the "nakbah" and had to flee their homeland after being expelled from their homes by Zionist militias, leaving them without the right to return to their land, even to this day. Today in Palestine, Christianity is experiencing what some believe is a crisis. The plight of Palestinian Christians, similar to what Palestinian Muslims are going through, is daily injustice at the hands of oppressive, doctoral and inhumane police forces of the Israeli government. This is occurring in both the West Bank and Gaza, where my Palestinian people live under a brutal and illegal military occupation, and also inside Israel itself, where Palestinians, Muslim and Christian, live as second-class citizens.

Cleaning supplies are not as effective as you think they really are

(04/07/15 12:53am)

It is common knowledge that the public views microbes in a negative light. It is also a common misconception that bacteria and viruses can be “killed” with disinfectants and cleaning products like Scrubbing Bubbles and Lysol. To provide evidence against this false impression, I conducted an experiment in Bartlett Hall, located on the Cook/Douglass campus, in which I took surface samples of various doorknobs and handles. I transferred the samples on a general medium (Trypticase Soy Agar) and incubated it at 37°C (internal temperature for humans). The media contained bacterial colonies, which would indicate that the disinfectants Rutgers uses might not be enough to inhibit the growth of or kill bacteria.

Visible health benefits linked with protecting endangerd species

(04/07/15 12:53am)

Conservation of wildlife is an issue that needs to be taken more seriously. There are over 16,000 endangered species in the world, and 84 of those species reside in New Jersey. An endangered species is characterized as a species that is likely to become extinct due to factors that threaten their survival. One of the best ways to help these endangered species is through volunteering, which offers many additional benefits to the volunteer as well as the animals. Recent studies have shown that volunteers receive additional physical and psychological benefits that can increase their health. Some of the health benefits that have been recorded are lower mortality rates, increased physical longevity and a decreased rate of developing depression at a later stage in life. A study showed that 96 percent of volunteers reported an enriched sense of purpose and 94 percent reported an increase in mood and self-esteem.

Understanding sexual assault on-campus

(04/02/15 12:09am)

Although the issue of on-campus sexual assault is finally receiving the attention it deserves, it remains a topic that many are still hesitant to acknowledge, let alone actively confront. This is understandable, considering that recognizing those individuals, the majority of whom are women, whom are sexually assaulted and victimized — stripped of control, power and dignity — is a hard fact to realize. The oft-cited and harrowing statistic from the U.S. Department of Justice is that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted while in college.

U. medical programs should offer interpreter certificate for students

(04/01/15 11:29pm)

Since the 2010 incorporation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into U.S. legislature, the population of individuals who can obtain affordable health care has expanded. Combine this policy change with the growing cultural and linguistic diversity in many areas of the U.S. and we have the existing cultural and language barrier in modern health care becoming even more of a medical, legal and financial burden.

On-campus washing machines, dryers can go green to cut costs

(03/31/15 1:30am)

Machine washers and dryers on the Rutgers University campuses are wasteful in terms of energy and water consumption. There is an eco-friendly manner to approach this problem, which can ultimately cut down on University costs. Using cold water instead of warm and hot water and utilizing drying racks instead of machine drying will not only help the environment, but it will save money too. Currently, the University has close to 1,000 energy star washers and dryers that promote an efficient method to wash and dry clothes. However, the implementation of drying racks in dorm and laundry rooms as well as altering the price of hot and cold water use within the University laundry rooms will be essential to reducing the University’s expenditure on water, natural gas and electricity, while at the same time, promoting a healthier environment.

On addressing public health in Hub City

(03/29/15 11:50pm)

Regrettably, ocular deficiencies are not found uniformly across the population. Low-income, uninsured and minority groups tend to be at a higher risk for suffering from undiagnosed and uncorrected ocular disease. Compounding this disparity are factors such as inadequate or lack of health insurance, lack of access to eye care professionals, high treatment costs and little awareness and comprehension of the importance of routine comprehensive eye exams. To address this public health problem, there is a need to promote and protect healthy vision in individuals regardless of their financial situation, insurance status and ethnic group.

New ticketing policy presents major issues

(03/26/15 9:58pm)

Paperless tickets, or properly known as “credit card entry tickets,” are the newest style of ticketing on the market. They can be purchased from big-ticket companies, such as Ticketmaster and Live Nation. One may be wondering what a paperless ticket is and how it works. Once an individual purchases a paperless tickets, when going to concert or event, the ticket is presented to the nearest will call and is presented with the credit card and a form of ID for verification. After this timely process, entry is permitted.

Medical supply banks needed worldwide

(03/25/15 10:34pm)

When people struggle financially, it can be hard for them to satisfy basic necessities. Resources like food in particular can take up most of a struggling family’s weekly income. Thankfully, there are food banks, which provide free food for those in need. People can just stop by and pick up what they need. Wouldn't it be nice to have a medical supply bank like we have food banks?

Response to letter on Hillary’s private e-mails

(03/25/15 12:15am)

Keller's article shows how polarized politics have become. Instead of offering arguments and counter arguments to refute charges made against the former Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton), Keller chooses to portray the issue as mud slinging and trash talking. This only helps keep us warring with one another. Why no mention of the Citizen's Commission on Benghazi report, the committee of which is composed of retired Generals, Admirals, CIA officers and station chiefs, whose sources claim the U.S. State Department, along with the UAE, funded and transferred weapons to Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups in Lybia? Among the weapons were surface to air missiles capable of taking down an airliner if targeted. Why no debate on the training and arming of ISIS by "our allies," to quote the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey? It is because we have been taught to reduce everything to mindless fighting between factions?

Join RUSA to enact change, gain experience

(03/24/15 11:46pm)

Spring is an ideal time to get involved in the University community. Many organizations are holding elections, auditions or interviews to choose their next leaders and right now, you have the opportunity to get involved with your student government, the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA)! Being a representative in RUSA is a great responsibility, one that develops students as individuals, problem solvers and leaders. There are a number of positions available for you to run for in the spring, as well as in the fall.

Hillary, her e-mails, Benghazi, 2016 election

(03/10/15 11:13pm)

Hillary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi attack has been fuel for Republican vitriol for over two years. During the congressional hearing, Republicans and their right friends were trying to keep the in the public’s mind the Benghazi attack and the role Hillary Clinton played, stemming from their fear that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee and will go onto defeat a Republican challenger. After two years, the right-wingers have come up with nothing that suggests that Clinton was at fault. However, that doesn’t matter — just keep the word Benghazi in the news cycle and by association Clinton will be tarred. 

Israel has right to be alarmed by Iranian hostility, nuclear arms

(03/08/15 11:39pm)

Sara Zayed voices real concerns about Israel’s treatment of Palestine. However, while those concerns need to be addressed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s issue is with real and present danger of the development of weapons grade nuclear material by Iran. This country has been acting like a rogue state for much of its recent past, has been explicit in its desire to eliminate the state of Israel and has directly supported some terrorist organizations. Israel is right to be alarmed at the prospect of nuclear weapons in the hands of a nation dedicated to its demise.