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SINGH: PEDs are not viable fitness shortcuts

(04/09/19 4:00am)

Just yesterday I went to visit an old high school friend — let us call her Jazz — who dorms on Cook. As I walked through her apartment, I was hit with a spectrum of scents — some old food, some incredibly nauseating and some that were hard to identify. After I got over the initial shock, I asked about the unfamiliar smells and Jazz replied they were from the vast selection of protein powders and performance enhancers that littered her counters. 

ARZONICO: Seeking denim: I found myself in perfect jeans

(04/09/19 4:00am)

Everyone finds pleasure in different things — some people find their passion in dance, food or books, but I found mine in fashion. Fashion combines so many art forms in one: movement, architecture and, of course, visual and design. Following fashion and the business of fashion has become more than just a passtime for me, it’s a passion. 

EDITORIAL: Democratic civil disobedience looms at U.

(04/08/19 4:00am)

After leaving his village in Colonial America, Rip Van Winkle wandered up into the Catskill Mountains. Fatigued from his climb, he sits down to rest and fell into a long slumber. Rip awoke to a new world 20 years later. The longevity of his sleep has become the most memorable element in Washington Irving’s classic fable. Few readers recall a small but significant detail that is often overlooked and forgotten. 

HOLEY: Society should shift to be more vegetarian

(04/08/19 4:00am)

This weekend, I was plagued with a constant sneezing which reached a point that it almost felt rude for me to sneeze a fourth time after my friends had said “God bless you” three times before. Never in my life had I received such a bad case of sneezing. In fact, I had rarely sneezed up until this emerging spring. Now it is part of my daily lifestyle. I had not planned on writing about it, but while researching topics for my opinion editorial I came across the finding that climate change may be prolonging the allergy season. It was quite dreadful news. 

EDITORIAL: Tragedy must be followed by legislation

(04/05/19 10:30pm)

On Wednesday, April 3, hundreds gathered in West Windsor, New Jersey to mourn the death of Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old from Robbinsville, New Jersey who was kidnapped and killed in South Carolina after she had gotten into a car she had thought was her Uber. Her years left unlived were stolen, but her legacy remains in the lives she touched and the policies now proposed to make it harder for such tragedies to happen again. 

GUVERCIN: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez responds to Green New Deal criticism

(04/05/19 10:29pm)

On February 7, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) introduced the Green New Deal, which has been a highly controversial and prominent topic in politics for the last few months. Many people, including people within the Democratic Party, have criticized it for being radical, unrealistically ambitious and simply impossible. Just as we all thought it had been beaten to death, during a House Financial Services Committee meeting on March 26, Ocasio-Cortez addressed the critics who called the deal “elitist” and pointed out its very obvious shortcomings. 

COMMENTARY: Threat of bioterrorism requires stock cultures

(04/04/19 4:00am)

Bioterrorism, as facilitated by the advancement and exploitation of technology, is a threat that looms over us constantly. It is a threat that is even more pervasive than terrorism in the traditional sense, as bioterrorists effectively weaponize pathogens with the intent of creating an epidemic or pandemic that can decimate populations before anybody is even aware they are at risk. 

O'BRIEN: NY’s congestion pricing shows promise

(04/04/19 4:00am)

A deal late last week reached among New York state legislators in Albany will make New York City the first city in America to adopt congestion pricing on its crowded streets, which is a system of tolls that charges drivers for entering areas of high traffic. The new policy, which will take effect in 2021, will charge cars a little more than $10 per day to drive below 60th Street in Manhattan, with trucks to be charged about twice that fee, according to reports. 

AHMED: Remember those lost to hate for Islam Awareness Week

(04/04/19 4:00am)

Saying that my heart aches is an understatement. Saying that I have only shed a few tears is an understatement. Saying that I feel frightened to walk alone at night is an understatement. Saying that I fear that the one place where I can find tranquility and peace can be brutally disturbed is an understatement. These were just a fraction of the emotions that flooded my mind on March 15, a day of woe and utter heartbreak. 

EDITORIAL: NJ gov’t. officials stand against polluters

(04/03/19 4:00am)

For decades, they knew and did nothing. They did nothing and watched as cancer rates rose and lives were torn apart. Since the 1970s, a facility of the chemical giant DuPont polluted the groundwater of the Pompton Lakes area. The contamination seeped into both the soil and the lives of New Jerseyans as hundreds of households sat on top of an underground plume of toxic chemicals. 

OLAYEMI: Recognizing differences can foster understanding

(04/03/19 4:00am)

It is not news that Rutgers is divided into numerous sub-sects of social and ethnic groups. We are comprised of a student body from all over the world. What I feel unifies many of us as students at Rutgers is that despite the overwhelming population here, we are able to create bonds based on ethnic backgrounds, shared culture and/or upbringing. 

COMMENTARY: Distortion of AIPAC must be addressed

(04/02/19 4:00am)

As active citizens, we support causes close to our hearts and our communities. As Americans, we participate in a democratic process that we are privileged to enjoy. But, when our loyalty as Americans is called into question for supporting a strong relationship between America and Israel — a cause that is rooted in mutual values — we are alarmed. When we are gaslighted for daring to call out this reckless bullying, our community of advocates is accused of “moneyed influence.” In a recent commentary by an organization here at our University, our community of advocates was libelously accused of just that.

BOZTEPE: We can take easy steps to improve our focus

(04/02/19 4:00am)

Focus: the word you repeat to yourself as you feel like you are dozing off while trying to complete your work. According to a study by Microsoft, “The average human has an 8-second attention span — less than that of a goldfish.” There are plenty of reasons why we have such a low attention span, some of which include the multiple facets of your job or school, the advancement of technology and the growth of social media. 

Editorial: We must refuse education privatization

(04/01/19 4:00am)

The tenure of President Donald J. Trump administration’s Department of Education has been marked by sporadic flurries of negative news coverage and national scrutiny. From Senate confirmation hearings to over two years in the position, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has represented the worst of corporate capitalism and its undemocratic, un-American crusade against public education. 

CASTELLI: Mueller report creates unsettling precedent for US politics

(03/29/19 4:00am)

On March 22, Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted the findings of his investigation of possible collusion between the President Donald J. Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election to Attorney General Bill Barr. Mueller said that, while there were efforts by Russian agents such as the Internet Research Agency (IRA) and the Russian government itself, “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”