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Commentary: Government support does not undermine our philanthropy

(03/12/19 4:00am)

On March 5, The Daily Targum ran an op-ed titled “Solution to Poverty is in Individual Acts.” In it, writer Michael Vespa suggested that poverty in America could be reduced by taxing Americans less so that they can give more to charity because the government “has had no real progress” in combating poverty. But, the article fails to recognize the nuanced nature of charitable giving in the United States, and makes false assumptions about charitable giving.

BOZTEPE: Cost of coal is not as cheap as we are told

(03/12/19 4:00am)

Coal is apparently the nonrenewable resource that is the future of our energy, as stated by the current presidential administration —  strictly “clean” coal, whatever that is supposed to be, seeing as it can never be clean. In response to that ill-formed decision with no true explanation, I would like to write about the additional costs of coal that are not visible at first glance, as well as show the harmful effects of a resource that we should be leaning off of as a nation. 

EDITORIAL: House resolution cannot end debate

(03/11/19 4:40am)

Anti-Semitism continues to bloom in the fertile soil of bigotry and hate as the long and ugly history of Jews in Diaspora winds into the hate of contemporary times. There cannot be a denial of the Jewish people’s oppressed and persecuted history, just as there cannot be a dismissal of the continued attacks and demonization of the Jewish people. America was not immune to Nazism, this nation is not invulnerable to intolerance and there needs to be discourse on the widespread hate, xenophobia and racism from the representative leadership of this nation to the people. 

SURIANO: Dems. allow House of Reps to become home of ill repute

(03/11/19 4:41am)

Is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) trying to get President Donald J. Trump reelected? Because the way she is managing her caucus in the house makes it certainly appear so. The Democrats in the House are mistaking Trump's unpopularity with support of far-Left socialism. This could be a disastrous strategy for them. Look, I would be very glad if they do blow their current advantage. It just seems odd that Pelosi, as wily a political operator as they come, would allow her caucus to run out of control like she is. 

SHAH: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ addresses #MeToo

(03/08/19 5:00am)

This week on my column, I reprise my title as a "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fan as I write my second article on the show, discussing its most recent episode: “He Said, She Said.” Written by Lang Fisher and serving as cast member Stephanie Beatriz’s directorial debut, the eighth episode of the sixth season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” — its first season since being saved from cancellation by NBC — took on the daunting task of tackling #MeToo through the lens of a female New York Police Department (NYPD) detective without sacrificing the comedy. 

CASTELLI: Traditionally feminine roles are not inherently oppressive

(03/08/19 5:00am)

What is the image of the woman in 2019? Defiant, loud and unafraid to speak her mind. “The Handmaid’s Tale” is perhaps the crowning jewel that epitomizes the consciousness of the modern American woman. It portrays a dystopian future where women are forced into servitude by both a Christian patriarchy that rules the country and a matriarchy that is satisfied with its role as “servants.” 

HITCHINGS: Rutgers will have to meet high Big Ten Tournament expectations after last year

(03/07/19 5:00am)

Next Wednesday, March 13, the 22nd rendition of the Big Ten Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament will tip off at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Rutgers will be there, as all teams in the conference qualify, but this year is different. This year is an opportunity more than ever to prove, on a national stage, that the Scarlet Knights not only belong in the Big Ten, but also have the talent to make a splash in the college basketball world.

KEMBURU: Debut of ‘Leaving Neverland’ forces us to question values

(03/07/19 5:00am)

He was dubbed the “King of Pop.” He joined The Jackson 5 at the mere age of 5 years old but emerged as the group’s lead singer. He made musical history time and time again, winning the Grammy Living Legend Award, being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and having his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is Michael Jackson. And Jackson, according to the recently released documentary “Leaving Neverland,” was a sexual predator and a pedophile. 

EDITORIAL: Executive order has potential problems

(03/06/19 5:00am)

An eruption of applause and cheers from conservative activists, clad in “Make America Great Again” merchandise, followed President Donald J. Trump’s announcement that he will make federal funding for universities conditional on their support of freedom of speech. No further announcements or policy outlines have been publicly released after Trump said that he “will be signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal research dollars” at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

WASON: US leaders should not stand with dictators

(03/05/19 5:00am)

Any remnants of a political culture incentivized toward bipartisan behavior had perished long before President Donald J. Trump took office in 2016, so it is not quite fair to place the blame squarely on his shoulders for the particularly divisive environment that currently exists. In July 2014, under the previous administration of former President Barack Obama, a whopping 68 percent of Republicans favored his removal from office for what they saw as executive overreach. 

COMMENTARY: Solution to poverty is in individual acts

(03/05/19 5:00am)

In the era of Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, there is a growing commitment for more government intervention to help the less fortunate. Programs such as food stamps, housing vouchers and a multitude of others exist solely to help the less fortunate, but there have been unsatisfactory results. The consensus in Washington is clear. More and more government programs centered on helping the less fortunate are needed.

SINGH: We must take steps to fight false anti-vaccination information

(03/05/19 5:00am)

Ethan Lindenberger was 18 when he denied his parents’ wishes and got himself vaccinated. He lives in Ohio, which is 1 of 17 states that allow for parents and guardians to opt out of vaccination medications for philosophical purposes. Lindenberger’s parents refused any sort of vaccination for him and his four younger siblings because they believed in vaccination conspiracies, which put the whole family at risk for contracting easily preventable illnesses. 

HOLEY: We need willpower to overcome problems

(03/04/19 5:00am)

Years ago, I went through a period of depression that, in its worst moments, took nearly an entire year of my life. At some point back then, I decided that I had to go see a psychologist for help. I thought that someone else would be able to give me a solution to my problems. It did not work. The therapists I went to offered opportunities for me to vent my frustrations, which was not at all what I wanted. I wanted my problems to be fixed. 

EDITORIAL: Paid leave bill makes needed expansion

(03/02/19 5:00am)

While hard-fought progress has been made for gender equality in America, institutionalized practices continue to hinder women in the workforce. The ordained ability to give birth has received patriarchal condemnation for the burden it places on companies. We have turned our backs on those who provide our future. We have stolen opportunity from those who give us the next generation. In the name of efficiency and profits, women face scrutiny in hiring for their potential to have maternity leave in the future, and if hired, they are neglected by society and government in the event that they require a leave of absence.