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Divestment is student activism at work

(04/15/14 4:00am)

Rutgers has always had a strong culture of student activism, and the recent student-led, organized efforts to have the University divest from companies with unsafe working conditions in Bangladeshi factories is an excellent example. Rutgers will now require companies that are licensed to manufacture products with the University logo to sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety. This deal requires firms to provide funding for appropriate safety measure to be taken in their Bangladeshi factories. Six of the 19 companies have already signed the agreement, and the remaining 13 have until July 1 to sign — otherwise, Rutgers will pull its licenses and join the worldwide efforts to pressure companies to improve workers’ rights.

Rutgers should learn from Brandeis

(04/14/14 4:00am)

With Rutgers University’s 248th commencement ceremony just weeks away, protests over having Condoleezza Rice as the commencement speaker are still going strong. The administration has made its stance on the issue very clear: In an email to the entire University, President Robert L. Barchi said despite the opposition, Rice will still be welcomed as the commencement speaker, given a $35,000 honorarium and presented with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

We’re human beings, not liabilities

(04/10/14 4:00am)

Frances Chan, a Plainsboro, N.J., native enrolled in Yale University, was threatened with suspension because the administration would not believe her 5-foot-two, 92-pound frame was healthy. Chan was forced to bring in old medical records to prove her natural body type is petite and needed to eat junk food to bring up her body weight — but nothing she did or said was enough to assuage the Yale officials who were convinced she had an eating disorder.

AD situation overblown by media

(04/09/14 4:00am)

In case you missed our take yesterday on the newest Julie Hermann debacle, here’s a quick recap: During a guest lecture in the class “Media Ethics and Law,” Hermann made some unnecessary comments about The Star-Ledger, implying that she wouldn’t mind if they went under as a company. A student recording the lecture named Simon Galperin, also happened to be the managing editor of Muckgers.com, an online student publication at Rutgers. He used the recording to write an article about it on the website, also providing a copy of the recording to nj.com. Star-Ledger columnist Steve Politi called Hermann out on her comments, and there has since been much discussion surrounding the entire issue.

Hermann makes headlines ... again

(04/08/14 4:00am)

Rutgers’ latest press disaster is brought to you by the one and only Julie Hermann, who has been singlehandedly responsible for some of the worst coverage for our University since she became the new athletic director a year ago. Hermann was a guest lecturer at a Media Ethics and Law class a few weeks ago, where she felt it was appropriate to take the time to openly bash the Star-Ledger. Responding to a student’s comment that the newspaper almost went under a few months ago, she said, “That would be great. I’m going to do all I can to not give them a headline to keep them alive.”

Money and politics don’t mix well

(04/07/14 4:00am)

The ideal of a true democracy is already so far removed from what it actually is in practice that it’s difficult for many to put aside their cynicism when we talk about politics. Corruption, manipulation and deceit are practically synonymous with anything political. While we encourage a more open-minded approach to the world of politics and the opportunities presents for those wanting to make a change, the recent Supreme Court ruling in “McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission” to remove limits on individual contributions to political campaigns doesn’t exactly help.

Sam Clark solid choice for RUSA presidency

(04/03/14 4:00am)

From April 6 to April 8, the Rutgers University Student Assembly will hold elections for the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year. Voting is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at Rutgers New Brunswick, and we highly encourage you all to educate yourselves on the candidates and their platforms and participate in the elections. We’ve done some research of our own, and as an editorial board, we endorse Sam Clark for president of RUSA. 

It’s time to stop victimizing rapists

(04/01/14 4:00am)

It’s the year 2014, and sex should not be taboo anymore. Most people are all about pushing the envelope when it comes to discussing sexuality — but as progressive as this generation likes to think it is, the discussions surrounding rape and sexual abuse are still unbelievably backward. At best, a relatively small minority advocates for the victims and survivors of sexual abuse, and at worst, we still find ourselves surrounded by a rape culture that promotes victim blaming and slut shaming whenever a case comes into the media spotlight.

Call to action: Rock the RUSA vote

(03/31/14 4:00am)

Whenever election season comes around, it brings with it the usual reminders (and arguments) about civic responsibility and the importance of recognizing our own political efficacy. From April 6 to April 8, the Rutgers University Student Assembly will be holding elections for the upcoming academic year — and yes, we are here to tell you that you need to do your part and vote.

City safety is campus safety at Rutgers

(03/27/14 4:00am)

Safety on and around campus is an issue that is not just unique to Rutgers — it’s a problem for universities across the country that are located in similar urban settings where it’s difficult to draw the line between on- and off-campus areas. These universities don’t necessarily have higher crime rates on campus than others — it’s the crime in the immediately surrounding areas that makes students feel unsafe. Many students live, eat, work and socialize in these areas, and it becomes just as much a part of campus experience as official university property.

Survey says: voice your opinions

(03/25/14 4:00am)

Many Rutgers students are painfully familiar with the notorious “RU Screw” in virtually every aspect and department of the University. From course registration disasters to unwarranted parking tickets, pretty much all of us are going to have at least a couple of horror stories to tell by the time we graduate. And one of the most popular complaints is that our protests fall on deaf ears — that the University does nothing about what we consider to be very obvious issues.