COMMENTARY: New Jersey bill would silence dissent, prevent criticism of Israeli policies

A Rutgers University student club — the All Marxist-Leninist Union (AMLU) — was recently joined by members of other concerned student organizations at a meeting where we heard several speakers denounce a proposed law that would severely restrict the rights of students in public schools and on college campuses to dissent from U.S. foreign policy and the rights of students to work in solidarity with Palestinian people. 


SAJU: Workplace myths used against women

 Last week in this column, the gender pay gap and the wealth gap exposed how society systematically undervalued the paid and unpaid labor of women. This week, the translation of these two topics into the professional lives of women will be analyzed, beginning with the notion of the "confidence gap."  


ASSADI: Ellen ignored reality of Bush’s war crimes

Recently, Ellen DeGeneres was seen hanging out with former President George W. Bush at a Dallas Cowboys football game. After video footage was released to the internet of their laughing and chatting, an onslaught of criticism of the beloved television presenter ensued. 

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