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Alexandra DeMatos

Alexandra DeMatos

Alexandra is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in journalism and media studies and women's and gender studies.

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Thirty-three teams had one hour to engineer a canoe out of cardboard, duct tape and a garbage bag. They then raced across the recreation center pool.

The Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities held a yoga event on College Avenue as part of an ongoing series that promotes body positivity.

Domesticated animals are vastly different from their wild counterparts. Humans picked specific animals to domesticate based on whether they showed the physical and psychological traits that were needed to create docile creatures.

Broadway star Julia Udine participated in an hour-long examination of “The Phantom of the Opera” hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The presentation analyzed the different mental disorders that could be presented within the musical.

The Institute for Women’s Leadership screened “From the Boarding House to the Boardroom” on Wednesday afternoon. The documentary explores the history of women over Rutgers’ 250 years of existence. 

A crowd organized by the New Brunswick Domestic Violence Awareness Coalition marched to inform residents about issues surrounding domestic violence.

Angela Davis spoke at the College Avenue Student Center on Wednesday night about race relations and her experiences as a political activist.

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