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Alexandra R. Meier

Alexandra R. Meier


Alexandra R. Meier is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in journalism and media studies and minoring in anthropology. She was born and raised in South Jersey suburbia, where pronouncing bagel like “beg-el” and calling subs “hoagies” are perfectly acceptable. If you ever get to meet her, you can call her by her nickname Alex or by her 8th grade AIM screen name funkkyfreshhhh. You can win her heart by referencing The Atlantic, quoting Kurt Vonnegut or speaking to her in Dothraki, but she’ll hate you if you force baby corn or lemon seeds into her personal space. If you don’t hear her snort whiling laughing, your joke probably wasn’t funny enough. Her favorite font is Futura, but according to Buzzfeed, she identifies most with Wingdings.

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