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Anjali Shah

SHAH: Romantic comedies are evolving, increasing value

SHAH: Pay attention to Pete's presidential campaign

SHAH: Kylie maintains her false self-made title

SHAH: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ addresses #MeToo

SHAH: Flawed media coverage delegitimizes, undervalues Sanders

SHAH: Detention of 21 Savage cannot be overlooked

SHAH: Sorkin’s ‘West Wing’ remains relevant yet varies from today

SHAH: Political correctness is not meant for comedy

SHAH: ‘The Hate U Give’ is powerful call to action

SHAH: We must be careful of celebrity politics

SHAH: BoJack Horseman can make us better people

SHAH: Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix special is empowering

SHAH: We must be willing to question third-wave feminism

SHAH: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is more than just funny sitcom

SHAH: Academy Awards should fade away

SHAH: Maybe tragedy should be politicized to create change

SHAH: First Lady Melania Trump is not your 'damsel in distress'

SHAH: Both genders necessary to combat sexual assault epidemic

SHAH: Dunham, Swift must be held accountable

SHAH: Unfortunate history must still be acknowledged

SHAH: Using racial identity as costume is dehumanizing

SHAH: Minorities do not need to be representatives

SHAH: Our views do not need to reflect president’s

SHAH: ‘Not seeing color’ is not helping society