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Anuska Lahiri

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LAHIRI: International answer to China is pertinent

For much of the last decade, the Uighur people of Xinjiang have been subject to discriminatory surveillance, oppression, internment and many other forms of state-sponsored abuse at the hands of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Xinjiang party leader Chen Quanguo. 


LAHIRI: Artificial intelligence stands as looming military threat

Whereas the use of artificial intelligence in areas like healthcare, self-driving cars and surveillance might stir unrest among concerned members of the population, the increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the military should be deeply unsettling for anyone with the capacity to anticipate long-term consequences of AI-assisted warfare.


COMMENTARY: Threat of bioterrorism requires stock cultures

Bioterrorism, as facilitated by the advancement and exploitation of technology, is a threat that looms over us constantly. It is a threat that is even more pervasive than terrorism in the traditional sense, as bioterrorists effectively weaponize pathogens with the intent of creating an epidemic or pandemic that can decimate populations before anybody is even aware they are at risk. 

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