By Jordana Gilbert

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Distasteful proselytizing

Like many students at the Rutgers Student Center bus stop on Tuesday evening, I had the discomfort of having someone’s religious beliefs trumpeted at me through a megaphone. Actually, that happens fairly often. The disagreeable part was when someone literally stood in my path, preventing me from walking, and stuck papers under my nose with some sort of religious propaganda.


Gaza Strip lacks effective leadership

There are people suffering in Gaza. This is undeniable, and I truly wish it were not the case. The real questions are why this is happening, and how can this situation can be rectified. It is very easy to be blinded by our natural desire to help those who are suffering without first identifying the best way to do so. Misdirection will just encourage the current situation in Gaza to continue.The people of Gaza suffer because of their leadership. Israel withdrew from Gaza in the summer of 2005, almost causing a civil war among its own people in the process.


Division in Israel required for peace

There is a wall in Israel, and I thank God every day for its existence. To be quite honest, much of this “wall” we hear so much about is actually a chain-link fence with motion sensors, but that’s just semantics. Whatever you want to call it, it is there — and yes, it prevents people from freely entering Israel. These are the facts. I’m sure by now you’ve written me off as some kind of monster, but if you bear with me I will explain.

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