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Harleen Singh

SINGH: We must confront dangerous vaccination misinformation

SINGH: PEDs are not viable fitness shortcuts

SINGH: We must take steps to fight false anti-vaccination information

SINGH: We must save Title X for health of America

SINGH: Conversion therapy must be rejected, increase acceptance

SINGH: We must confront harmful immigration misinformation

SINGH: Need for global shift toward gender justice

SINGH: Strong gun laws will save people’s lives

SINGH: Undocumented expecting mothers deserve proper care

SINGH: There is more to abortion than religious controversy

SINGH: Bandwagon mentality contributes to e-cigarrete epidemic

SINGH: Opioid crisis effects not limited to adults

SINGH: Starbucks incident shows current lack of social inequality

SINGH: Yemen needs peace, support to recuperate from violence

SINGH: Cut back on aggressive treatment of immigrants is necessary

SINGH: New hashtag brings to light hidden issues

SINGH: New film will help rectify underrepresentation in industry

SINGH: Logic's message should be embraced going into 2018

SINGH: Indonesian government requires serious reformation

SINGH: Victims of sexual assault should be encouraged to speak up

SINGH: People of Islamic faith should not be deterred from wearing religious covering

SINGH: Effort, aid for Somalia must be increased

SINGH: Fate of women in Syria may be dark, gloomy

SINGH: Stigma around abortion can lead to lethal consequences

SINGH: Stigma behind menstruation must be discussed, eliminated

SINGH: United Arab Emirates’ example should be followed

SINGH: To raise awareness, we need open discussion

SINGH: Events in Oregon call for crucial discussions

SINGH: Proactive conversations between men can combat misogyny

SINGH: Detrimental practice of female genital mutilation must end

SINGH: Serbia needs help with refugee crisis

SINGH: Safety of albino people needs to be addressed