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Students named Easton Avenue as the top location for late-night meals. Hansel ‘n Griddle, Wings Over Rutgers and Nirvanis Indian Kitchen are all popular among Rutgers students.

On Jan 30. Robert Wood Johnson will open PROUD Family Health in Somerset, making it the first hospital in New Jersey to offer specified care for LGBT individuals.

Senior Instructional Designer, Jeniffer Obando, said the goal of Sakai pop-up workshops is to guide professors through different components of the website and give them the opportunity to ask questions. The site was updated to Sakai 11 last semester, which came with a number of new features and changes.

Under new leadership, the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is working to maintain its status as one of the National Cancer Institute's highest ranked centers for research and treatment.

The Douglass Governing Council is restructuring this semester, but plans to work with different organizations within the Douglass Residential College over the next year to create a unified body of students.

Transgender rights entered the spotlight earlier this year when North Carolina passed House Bill 2. New Jersey passed a law which protects their ability to use the appropriate bathroom.

Members of the Rutgers community wrote a petition to University President Robert L. Barchi and the chancellors of the New Brunswick, Newark and Camden campuses asking them to make Rutgers a "sanctuary campus." In an open letter, Barchi said the University would protect its students' privacy, unless ordered to provide information by law or court order.

More than 100 students marched down College Avenue and George Street to show their support for minorities and students in the LGBT community after Republican Donald Trump was elected as the next United States President last Tuesday.

Students watched CNN and Fox News as election results came in on Tuesday night in the College Avenue Student Center.

The All Marxists-Leninists Union held a rally on the steps of Brower Commons on Tuesday to support Native Americans protesting the construction of an oil pipeline near their homes in Standing Rock, North Dakota.

Students watch as CNN and Fox News report on the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Photo Illustration | Marijuana is not likely to be legalized under Governor Chris Christie (R.-N.J.), even if the legislature passes a bill approving of its use. The next New Jersey governor, who will be elected in 2017, may legalize weed.

Be Jersey Strong is a statewide organization that helps citizens without health insurance find coverage to suit their needs.

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