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BOZTEPE: Students must support faculty, graduate union

Last week I was part of my first rally, which as most of you know, was for the lack of equal pay for Rutgers professors on all campuses, low wages, scheduling restrictions, inequality based on gender and a lack of diversity among hired professors. Luckily, the professors have reached an agreement as of right now, but the same cannot be said for multiple facets of the University, such as the teaching assistants, part-time lecturers (PTLs) and graduate students who make up approximately 30% of the professors that teach the students. 


BOZTEPE: Brain plasticity allows for personal growth

Your brain has the power to consistently grow. While the brain is not actually made of plastic, neuroplasticity means that the brain has the capability to change and grow throughout life experience. Plasticity is the capacity of the brain changing with constant education and we as humans, are far from reaching our potentials, so the growth is seemingly endless. 


BOZTEPE: We can take easy steps to improve our focus

Focus: the word you repeat to yourself as you feel like you are dozing off while trying to complete your work. According to a study by Microsoft, “The average human has an 8-second attention span — less than that of a goldfish.” There are plenty of reasons why we have such a low attention span, some of which include the multiple facets of your job or school, the advancement of technology and the growth of social media. 


BOZTEPE: Cost of coal is not as cheap as we are told

Coal is apparently the nonrenewable resource that is the future of our energy as stated by the current presidential administration. Strictly “clean” coal, whatever that is supposed to be, seeing as though it can never be clean. In response to that ill-formed decision with no true explanation, I would like to write about the additional costs of coal that are not visible at first glance, along with showing the harmful effects of a resource that we should be leaning off of as a nation. 


BOZTEPE: To progress, we must question our nature

Modern humans, Homo sapiens, have only been around for approximately 200,000 years to our knowledge. Within that small smidge of time, humans have evolved into technologically advanced, emotional, social and creative creatures who have self-awareness and reasoning capacity. 


BOZTEPE: We ought to curb our materialistic practices

In the age of modern technology, fast food-style clothing and consumer culture, in the broadest of terms, materialism seems as though it is inevitable. Computers store your cookies strictly to advertise to you, many public icons preach on what they have and what people should strive for and success is seen through which car you drive, how big your house is, if you are married with children and so on and so forth. 


BOZTEPE: Benefits of education in philosophy is far reaching, for all

Everyone has their own philosophy in life, even if they do not realize it. Many people have premises to support whatever it is they believe, whether it be why their favorite soccer team is the best or why they believe aliens exist. Now, I am not saying that every student should be studying philosophy, but I believe that every student should take advantage of the ideas that philosophers have to provide, right here at Rutgers. Throughout this article, I will provide you reasons as to why students at Rutgers should take at least a few philosophy classes and what benefits philosophy has in their lives. 


BOZTEPE: Jealousy can be very harmful trait

Jealously is a term that is often associated with phrases such as low self-esteem, loneliness, emptiness, inadequacy, anxiety, stress and neuroticism. It is an emotion that we all experience throughout our lifetime, and can be caused by various things, such as issues in an intimate relationship or someone’s appearance, work ethic or house — the list is endless.


BOZTEPE: Dietary supplements require regulation

Welcome to this week’s, “What Kaan Jon finds wrong now," where I inevitably discuss a flaw that is often overlooked. Today’s topic: supplements. Also known as the holy grail of getting fit quick, from your creatine shakes to your whey protein isolate, yet most people do not realize just how dangerous and short-term these stimulants are.


BOZTEPE: We should limit use of exclamation marks

I really hope everyone enjoys my article today! Was that too much? Okay, let me try this again, I really hope everyone enjoys my article today. Well, now that just feels sarcastic. The issue with exclamation points has increased since current social trends in marketing have overused exclamation points in hopes to draw attention to their product, article or point of view. Exclamation points were created in hopes to further display one’s strong feeling of emphasis on a specific sentence or saying. For example, one would normally not just say, "Watch out, there’s a fire."


BOZTEPE: Law of Attraction can better people’s lives

The Law of Attraction is a philosophy built on turning positive thoughts into actuality. The concept of accepting how life is, realizing just how special the universe is and focusing on positive thoughts and goals without doubt. Practicing the Law of Attraction has no age, has no religious or cultural belief. The energy within someone has the power to pull things that they want from this universe into reality.


BOZTEPE: History textbooks are in need of changes

History textbooks are essential to education and are seen as the main source of context that will provide students with the background information they need on specific periods and events in history. I have no issue with history textbooks, but my issue is with the context within the textbooks, or the lack of context. I believe the United States currently has a clear majority of historically-challenged students, which is concerning when you consider the fact that these students will hold moral, political and ethical beliefs in the future with little knowledge of actual history. 

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