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Namrata Pandya

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Lab members Nanxia Zhou, Dr.Nicola Francis and Hannah Calvelli (left to right) are a part of a Dr.Prabhas Moghe's research team that focuses on methods to treat neurodegenerative diseases. 

Research team used 3D scaffold technology to develop regenerative neural tissue therapy

Science tells us that neurons rarely regenerate, and if they do it is at a painfully slow rate. “Something that seems so far-fetched in science fiction is something that we are able to discover in labs right upstairs where I take my classes,”said Sree Gollakota, a School of Engineering senior. Neural tissue regeneration, what was once the stuff of fiction, is coming to reality.


Lawyer discusses dangers of GMOS

Genetically modified organisms are often promoted as being a more efficient way to grow crops to feed a growing population, but some people are concerned they cause more harm than is apparent. Steven Druker, a public-interest lawyer from Ohio spoke to the University community last Monday to discuss GMOs in his new book "Altered Genes: Twisted Truth."

Thomas Orton, a professor in the Department of Plant Biology and Pathology, created a different version of the original Rutgers Tomato from the 1930s.MARIELLE SUMERGIDO / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Rutgers sees red with new, improved campus tomato

If a tomato pageant existed, the new Rutgers tomato would be crowned Miss Universe. It is everything you want in a tomato — beautiful, durable and delicious. The tomato is a resurrection of the original Rutgers Tomato created in the 1930s.

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