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Cabaret Theatre performs 'Rent'

On Friday, April 15 Cabaret Theatre put on its fourth of its six showings of Jonathan Larson’s “Rent.” The play was co-sponsored by the Center for Social Justice and LGBT Communities as a part of their "GAYpril" list of events. “Rent” is a play about a group of friends living in New York City who encounter economic hardship, infidelity, LGBT discrimination, drug addiction and sexually transmitted diseases.


Serial dating leads to no good if not communicated correctly

Finding a significant other is big part of being a young adult. Regardless of all the jobs, internships, club and classes you are involved we as human beings still have this compelling desire to find someone to occupy our time in a romantic capacity, which is okay, but we all have very different methods of achieving this College students in general are notorious for not being the most committed while dating, but sometimes there is a method to the madness.


Cabaret Theatre presents 'Rutgers Night Live: Divorce?'

Cabaret Theatre put on three performances for their Valentine’s weekend event, “Rutgers Night Live XII: Divorce?” "Rutgers Night Live" is Cabaret Theatre’s version of the hit NBC sketch comedy show, "Saturday Night Live." The show was packed with a room full of students and parents, eagerly waiting to enjoy themselves.


10 manly drinks that will put that ‘Appletini’ to shame

As we get older, it becomes more evident that men, when around our peers or pretty women, have a tendency to do everything in our power to show that we are in fact men. Masculinity can be interpreted in many different ways, ranging from how often we shave, the amount of hair on our chest or how many intolerably strong alcoholic beverages we can toss down our throats.


Enjoy Southern barbecue at Brother Jimmy's

You can't help but notice the bright, red fluorescent BBQ sign directly across the street from Jimmy John’s with its flamboyant southern-style decor lighting up the storefront of Brother Jimmy’s on Easton Avenue.  When you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you see is a bright, blue sign that says “Put some south in yo’ mouth,” as you are greeted by a hostess.


#FreeTheNipple — Cabaret Theatre's 2015 Directors Showcase brings fresh talent on stage

Cabaret Theatre hosted their 2015 annual edition of the Director’s Showcase last Friday as an opportunity for first-time directors to present a one-act play of their choosing. The event itself gave many students, directors and actors exposure to theatre and the production process. Actors consisted of seasoned, experienced Cabaret performers and students who were just getting their feet wet for the first time on stage. Elizabeth Alt, a School of the Arts and Sciences first-year student, gave her thoughts on how her first directing experience went. “Working with characterization was the hardest part for me.


Classic Halloween movies to "Netflix and Chill" with

Leaves are changing color, temperatures are dropping and we're on the brink of cuffing season, that's how fall works. If you're looking to cozy up with a consenting significant other this Halloween, here are few classic Halloween-themed movies that should be on your "Netflix and Chill" queue.  Halloween (1978) The biggest classic in the history of Halloween movies, this is a great movie to ask someone to watch with you because no other movie could be more in the spirit of the season.

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