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Philip Wythe

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Transgender Day of Visibility vital for trans representation

Generally speaking, transgender identification is rarely discussed at the University. Throughout our lecture halls, undergraduate courses often ignore discussions on transgender lived experiences. Indeed, transgender pedagogy often remains missing from the classroom, as theories on gender identity are rarely discussed during in-class readings, and many classrooms avoid critiques of sociocultural cissexism and transphobia.


Caution necessary when communicating on Twitter

When I first beWhen I first began doing freelance writing in 2013, I always knew networking was the life blood of my career. In order to get published, you need to build professional relationships with potential employers. So, even if writing is largely an introverted activity, budding freelance writers always need to be on top of their social networking skills.gan doing freelance writing in 2013, I always knew networking was the life blood of my career.


U. online facial recognition system presents major privacy risk

Are you planning on taking an online course at Rutgers next semester? Then you might need to download University-sanctioned software that will track your facial identity, photo ID and browser activity. According to an article published on New Brunswick Today by Daniel Munoz this past weekend, Rutgers University has implemented a recognition suite called ProctorTrack for online courses. ProctorTrack records face, knuckle and personal identification details during online courses. Munoz also notes that the system “keeps track of all activity in the monitor, browser, webcam and microphone” throughout each session.


Rutgers must address issues of abuse in residence halls

Residence Life provides unique living opportunities for Rutgers students. From the Douglass Residential College’s inclusive dormitories, to the Livingston Apartments’ lovely study halls, Residence Life works hard to create housing for Rutgers students. However, dormitory communities can quickly become unsafe.


Corruption evident in Rutgers administration's selection process

On May 3, Condoleezza Rice broke national headlines upon rescinding her invitation as the Rutgers Class of 2014 commencement speaker. Via a Facebook post at 8:47 a.m., Rice noted that the invitation "has become a distraction for the university community at this very special time," and, indirectly referencing the #NoRice student protest, stated, "I understand and embrace the purpose of the commencement ceremony and I am simply unwilling to detract from it in any way."

Courtesy of Rockstar

The Violent Nature of Modern Video Gamers

Six months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Republican Assemblyman Sean Kean resurrected a video game ban act in the New Jersey State Assembly. According to Kean, the violent nature of modern video games remains one of the many causes of school shootings. Under his proposed legislature, “M” and “AO+” rated video games would be banned from minors, unless a parent or guardian supervised the purchase. “The first reaction is we need to do gun control,” Kean said, “but we need to look at other components too.”


Prepping for PC Gaming: Finding the Best GPU

2013 has been a huge year for PC gaming. With critically acclaimed releases “Crysis 3,” “Dead Space 3,” “SimCity” and “Bioshock Infinite,” PC gamers received many enjoyable titles within 2013’s Q1 release window. To experience the best performance, these video games require an advanced graphics processing unit — or “graphics card” — to ensure that PC gamers have the best visual effects.

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On Top of the World? Yeezy's Recent Breakdown

Kanye West is no stranger to controversial behavior. Despite a successful career as an American hip-hop artist, West often speaks his mind to the public, for better or worse. During Hurricane Katrina, for example, West stated that former President George W. Bush did not care about black Americans. Of course, West's most infamous remark came during the 2009 Video Music Awards, during which he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. So, it’s no surprise that West is acting out again, as another outburst has been long overdue.


The Problem With Video Game Adaptations

Transferring a story between different forms of media is often a fickle task. When adapting novels for Hollywood, for instance, directors often struggle to properly balance the source material with their own unique interpretations. Video games particularly struggle with properly capturing another medium’s atmosphere, because video games ask for a different set of criteria than books, movies and other art forms.

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Alone on Valentine’s: Four Games to Immerse the Single Gamer

For many gamers, February 14th is a staunch reminder that being single is very lonely. Instead of romantic dates, Valentine’s night often devolves into solitary gaming sessions. Yet for single gamers, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to become immersed in some of gaming’s incredible worlds.

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Finishing the Launch Window: 2013’s Wii U Offerings

As the Wii U launch window continues into 2013, many critics have suggested that potential buyers should hold off from purchasing Nintendo’s latest piece of hardware. Despite the system’s innovative gameplay mechanisms and impressive graphical showcase, reviewers were skeptical of the Wii U’s starting titles. However, as 2013 slowly moves in, promising first- and third-party titles will only make the Wii U more compelling.

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