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BEZAWADA: Amazon fires critical issue, impact us all

At some point, every city goes dark. You just do not notice it. The hubbub of commuters, students and people from all walks of life navigating busy streets and the bright billboards emblazoned with dynamic, animated ads light up the city well enough to render day and night obsolete. 


BEZAWADA: Demonized young generations are trying to improve society

“Juvenoia:” An unofficial term used to describe the fear and resentment in which older generations regard the newer. It is no new information that millennials and Gen Zs are possibly among the most hated generations to exist, with their violent video games, liberalism, millennial pinks, memes, mental illnesses, killing of entire industries, need for higher salaries, lack of foreseeable housing options, avocados, hipster fashion and disruption of the nuclear family.


BEZAWADA: Opportunity paves path for continued hope, discovery

"My battery is low, and it is getting dark." After the 15-year-old rover Opportunity drew its final breath on the lonely Red Planet, the news of its last message took the internet by storm. Photo edits, GIF sets and posters flooded social media in heart-wrenching artistic renderings of the haunting words. The end of humanity’s favorite robot, originally intended to travel less than half a mile for 90 days, but against all odds lasted approximately 15 years and 28 miles, could not have been on a more fitting occasion: The day before Valentine’s Day on Perseverance Valley.


BEZAWADA: We should not allow unfavorable odds to discourage us to act

Many things come to mind when people hear the word “lottery” — high stakes, high rewards, equal opportunity and no chance. “No chance” meaning the rare occasion that anybody actually hits the jackpot, even though the mathematical probability checks out. It is an assumption that pervades beyond the scope of the lottery business, either because everyone does it or nobody wins it. It is a societal self-fulfilling prophecy of pluralistic ignorance.


BEZAWADA: Use moderation in online shopping

If you sit toward the back of any lecture hall, you are privy to the private lives of basically everyone in front of you. Facebook, iMessenger, Twitter, BuzzFeed and other less-than-appropriate webpages sit innocently beside the current lecture material, giving the semblance of productivity and focus. A distracting albeit amusing portal into the hypocritical nature of overwhelmed, exhausted college students trying to enjoy their lives.


BEZAWADA: Millennials are changing world

Killing does not refer to the morbid connotation. It is more so in the figurative sense. Currently, millennials (and Gen Z’s, essentially the younger millennials) are eroding at an alarming rate the industries that the older Baby Boomers — their parents — grew up with, taking down many of their long-held values with them. Of course millennials are not physically vandalizing stores — they are just slowly driving them out of business, using two weapons typical to the cosmopolitan: well-connected millennial sense of humor and its liberally aligned political views.


BEZAWADA: There is much to be learned from RM

Known by his stage name RM — Kim Namjoon, the leader of BTS — delivered an emotional 3-minute speech. In concise, humble words, he describes the strides BTS has paved amid great hardship and thanks his fellow members and fans for their ardent support along the way. But most importantly, his speech is a story — a tiny novella detailing the ordinary life of a young boy in a small town, and the strikingly universal struggles of growing up.


BEZAWADA: Students can finish semester strong by following a few steps

Here, I shall list the five most mind-blowing steps on how to effectively handle the semester as it draws to a close. Actually, it is more like nearing the conclusion of a bad book with a defeated acceptance that many loose ends and plot holes remain. But who cares? The weather is supposed to be phenomenal this weekend and you should spend your well-deserved fun in the long-awaited heat.


BEZAWADA: Students should take time away from worrying about future

Hanging out with family is great, especially for us college students. After spending weeks at the residence hall avoiding them and their drag-you-off-the-bed-by-the-legs, “back-in-my-day” justification for everything, it is always nice to return home to the familiar dysfunctional monotony of your siblings’ whining, lectures on the dangers of weight gain and the sudden, suspiciously-coincidental influx of chores.


BEZAWADA: Students should go with gut on life's path

Before I officially entered my first semester, I was dead set on following through with Computer Science as my major. Although I was proud to have been accepted as a Business School student, something about the ability to program was beyond fascinating, and I quickly latched onto the idea that I could abandon everything else to focus on Computer Science primarily. That was my first mistake, and when I look back on it now, it’s actually kind of funny.

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