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Vaping has been linked to more than 400 illnesses across the country, including six deaths, this past summer. 


American novelist Toni Morrison has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album and most recently the Thomas Jefferson Medal.

 The mice used in the study were roughly half the size of an adult’s cupped hands, with a short white device that resembled an antenna sticking out of its head. The structure of a mouse's brain is relatively similar to that of an adult's. 

 Despite the name, 4D printing is essentially 3D printing, except that the materials are more flexible. The process of 4D printing involves temperature, in order to tune the mechanical properties of the materials and trigger their shape changing ability. 

 Physicians are increasingly becoming more interested in the possibilities of prescribing benzoyl peroxide, which helps to kill bacteria-causing acne, as well as increase skin turnover and reduce clogged pores. 

 High intensity interval training is popular among people looking to be fit because of its efficiency. The style of training involves short spurts of high intensity exercise, with even shorter breaks in between. 

 In 1816, Henry Rutgers served as a trustee for then-named Queen's College. After resigning from his position, he held a meeting at his home in order to resolve the financial disputes the college had. The college was then renamed in 1825 after his honor. 

 The Insurance Club is set to begin running next semester in the fall. Meetings, which will cover topics such as the insurance industry and politics, will take place in the Livingston Student Center every week. 

The study found that smoking interferes with how the retina functions, which generates the initial responses to light before the signals are sent to the brain. Prior studies have suggested that smokers were also less sensitive to shading when it comes to vision.

 Bitcoin is the most commonly known example of cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash that is not issued by any central authority. Those prone to problem gambling were observed to be trading cryptocurrency more often. 

At Rutgers Business School, which is located on Livingston Campus, students were encouraged to donate $5 to the Finish Line Fund, which helps students nearing graduation and requiring assistance to finish their education.

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