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Out of Bounds

Chris Melchiorre: You had your first mixed martial arts fight after only a few weeks of training, but won your first eight fights. Did you expect to have that much success that early in your career?

Frank Edgar: After my first fight, yeah, I felt like I had a pretty good knack for it. I don't know if I could have foreseen winning eight in a row, but when every fight approached I expected to win it. So I guess you could say I was expecting good things but I don't know if I expected eight in a row like that.

CM: Your first UFC fight was against Tyson Griffin, and it became legendary for your refusal to tap out of a knee bar that he had you locked in at the end of the match. What goes through your mind when someone has you in that kind of hold for that long?

FE: Well, in that fight I knew that there was only a short time left on the clock, and I thought I was up on the scorecard. So I was kind of kicking myself because he kind of lulled me to sleep and I let him get me in that position. But at that point I knew I wasn't going to tap because I thought I had the fight won.

CM: Is it true you fought Gary Maynard 10 days before your wedding?

FE: Yes it is.

CM: Were there any battle scars in the wedding photos?

FE: No, I was pretty healed up. I didn't get too beat up in that fight even though I lost.

CM: What was it like being featured on an episode of MTV True Life? Do you think it helped your career?

FE: It was pretty cool. I mean it was annoying at times, having a camera around most of the day, but it was great for my career. You know, to get your name out there on MTV is something that not many people get the opportunity to do. So when they called me and asked me to do the show, I jumped on it right away.

CM: Do you ever get tired of people asking how you got nicknamed "The Answer?"

FE: No, not really. A buddy gave it to me. It just comes with the territory — if you have a nickname people are going to wonder where you got it. There's not really a cool story, but I've been thinking about making one up, but I haven't made up anything cool yet.

CM: Do you see a title shot in the near future?

FE: I'm really not looking too much past this next fight [May 23 vs. Sean Sherk], especially being that Sherk is probably going to be my toughest fight to date. But winning has a way of taking care of everything. If I keep winning, it's going to be inevitable that I get a title shot.

Chris Melchiorre

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