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Out of Bounds

Kyle Franko: How did you get into gymnastics?

Latara Northcutt: I started gymnastics when I was six. My dad needed something for me to do after school so he just put me in gymnastics.

KF: You're from Georgia, so why did you choose Rutgers?

LN: I came to Rutgers because I knew Rutgers was a very good school academically and I was looking for more than just gymnastics. I wanted a school that was about both gymnastics and academics.

KF: New Jersey, Georgia — what do you find to be the biggest difference?

LN: I would probably have to say the people's attitudes, the way they do things.

KF: The weather?

LN: Definitely the weather [laughs].

KF: They taking out the snowplows in Georgia?

LN: [laughs] No, in Georgia whenever it snows they shut everything down — everything down and they tell you to stay off the road and don't go anywhere.

KF: If you were not a gymnast what sport would you like to play?

LN: Probably basketball. I'm tall for a gymnast, but not tall enough for a basketball player.

KF: What's your favorite team?

LN: I like the 76ers…and the Boston Celtics.

KF: You can't like them both.

LN: And I like the Lakers…I like everybody.

KF: Do you have any plans after college?

LN: I'm a psychology major with a biology minor and I want to go to med school ultimately in the long run, but that's probably not going to happen right away so I'm going to take a year off and study for my MCAT — get everything together.

Kyle Franko

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