2/18/2017 6:55pm

LTC’s take on Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ opens this weekend

The Livingston Theatre Company (LTC) is producing their second main stage production of the 2016-2017 season with Green Day's "American Idiot." Entirely student run, this rock opera steps out of LTC’s typically classic musical theatre style and tells a story of drugs, family, war and love through Green Day's infamous album. A talented ensemble of high-energy singer-dancers in 90s grunge outfits and dark guy-liner aids in their storytelling.

2/16/2017 4:12pm

Body positivity takes full form with 'Pretty Big' performance

Rutgers contributed to the Body Positivity Movement by hosting a performance by the explosive dance troupe  Pretty Big Movement, who embrace inclusivity and self-acceptance. Sponsored by the Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities (SJE) last Monday night at the Douglass Student Center, Pretty Big Movement performed to hip-hop and ethnic music for a crowd eager to experience first-hand their collective confidence and self-love.

2/13/2017 11:31pm

Turn your heart scarlet with dates that can only happen at RU

It’s Feb. 14, and love is drifting through the air off the ol’ Raritan. So if you have a special someone, a good friend or you’re in a treat yo’ self mood, let your heart turn scarlet and try these date night ideas that can only happen when you’re on the Banks. Easton Avenue If you and your S.O.

2/13/2017 11:29pm

Hear about HAIRitage's keynote speaker, natural hair love

Dozens of Rutgers students and non-Rutgers students alike attended the HAIRitage conference on Saturday, a Black History Month celebration hosted by the Livingston Residence Council and a number of other sponsors and on-campus organizations. In attempts to make this year’s Black History Month celebration unique and memorable, HAIRitage included discussion panels, workshops and raffles geared towards the embracement of black and afro-Latinx hair. Saturday’s conference kicked off with an address from keynote speaker Anu Prestonia, a natural haircare mogul who opened one of the first all-natural, black-owned hair salons in New York City. The entrepreneur shared with the audience her lifelong journey of self-love, a journey that started at just 10-years-old when she lost her hair to chemical relaxers.

2/12/2017 9:25pm

State Theatre transforms time with show 'Postmodern Jukebox'

After touring four continents and headlining their own show at Radio City Music Hall, the music group Postmodern Jukebox performed at the State Theatre New Jersey in New Brunswick Wednesday night for their debut Hub City performance. Started by Scott Bradlee, a New Jersey native, Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ) provides audience members with a musical journey back in time by reworking popular modern music into different vintage genres. The set list ranged from renditions of Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom” to Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop,” with each song delivering an unbelievable performance.

2/9/2017 5:33pm

HAIRitage Conference celebrates black history, culture, beauty

In light of Black History Month, Livingston Campus will be hosting its first annual HAIRitage Conference, a three-day series of workshops, presentations and attractions that will celebrate the history and culture of black and Afro-Latino hair. Modinat Sanni, the chairman of HAIRitage and residence life coordinator at Livingston Campus, came across the idea when planning the usual traditional Black History celebration for the University.

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