1/17/2017 10:48am

Scarlet-style New Year Resolutions

Love them or loathe them, there’s undeniable virtue in New Year’s resolutions. The promise of a new year makes us want to stretch to be the smartest, funniest and happiest versions of ourselves.

11/24/2015 3:06pm

#FreeTheNipple — Cabaret Theatre's 2015 Directors Showcase brings fresh talent on stage

Cabaret Theatre hosted their 2015 annual edition of the Director’s Showcase last Friday as an opportunity for first-time directors to present a one-act play of their choosing. The event itself gave many students, directors and actors exposure to theatre and the production process. Actors consisted of seasoned, experienced Cabaret performers and students who were just getting their feet wet for the first time on stage. Elizabeth Alt, a School of the Arts and Sciences first-year student, gave her thoughts on how her first directing experience went. “Working with characterization was the hardest part for me.

11/18/2015 5:35pm

Conversations we're dreading this Thanksgiving

Ahh, Thanksgiving dinner. You haven’t seen such a delicious bounty of properly cooked food since you kissed your loved ones goodbye and returned to campus at the beginning of the semester, but don’t think you will be chowing down so fast. The only level of anticipation surpassing your broke, collegian hunger is that of your doting relatives. Sort of a cross between an incredibly nosey first date and FBI background check, their questions are sure to flow more easily than the whiskey from the not-so-secret flask your weird uncle always pockets for the holiday season.

11/12/2015 3:04pm

Rad Cat stops by Hidden Grounds just in time for sweater weather

The hot coffee brewed as people poured through the doors of Hidden Grounds coffee shop last Thursday evening, seeking haven from the chilly rain and seeking a new fall wardrobe. A beloved Easton Avenue coffee spot, Hidden Grounds frequently hosts pop-up shops for artisan vendors, but none share the special connection quite like the one with Rad Cat.  MK Rix, the brand’s founder, curator and chief operator, dreamt up the vision for the label while still a Mason Gross School of the Arts student only a few years ago.

1/21/2017 1:25am

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