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The Daily Targum's Editorial Office
204 Neilson St.

New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Editorial Phone: (732) 932-7051

Hours of Operation: 4 p.m. – 10 p.m., Sunday - Thursday

The news desk covers news from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, Highland Park, Piscataway and other local communities. For more information, contact News Editor Nikhilesh De at


The opinions editor writes the daily editorials, which reflect the opinion of the majority of the current editorial board. Chosen columnists are responsible for writing a column to appear in the opinions section once every two weeks. For more information, contact Opinions Editor Maegan Kae Sunaz at


The sports desk covers Rutgers University sports. For more information, contact Sports Editor Brian Fonseca at


Copy editors edit and check all Targum content for facts and style. For more information, contact Copy Editor Alexandra DeMatos at


Photographers cover University news, metro news and sports events. Photography editors and desk assistants choose and edit photos for print. For more information, contact Photo Editor Dimitri Rodriguez at


Videographers record and edit content for our video series, featuring University news, New Brunswick news and sports events. The video editor chooses and edits clips for our YouTube channel (/TargumMultimedia). For more information, contact Video Editor Brayden Donnelly at


Design editors lay out the paper’s content using InDesign. Graphic designers and illustrators create graphics, illustrations and charts to stand alone or to supplement content. For more information, contact Design Editor Susmita Paruchuri at


The Daily Targum's arts and entertainment magazine, Inside Beat, focuses on anything to do with arts and entertainment, lifestyle and food in the hyperlocal area. For more information, contact the Features Editor at


The digital editor publishes all editorial content for The Daily Targum and Inside Beat Magazine websites. For more information, contact Digital Editor Harshel Patel at


The social media editor handles The Daily Targum’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. For more information, contact Social Media Editor Waylen Glass at


The Targum promptly corrects all errors of substance. If you need to request a correction, contact Editor-in-Chief Dan Corey at