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10/16/2018 12:56am

PANISH: Disinvitation reflects consumer mentality

The fight over disinvitations, in which public figures are invited to speak on college campuses and then uninvited because of student backlash, is several years old now. There is nothing to be said about them that has not been said before, and that also goes for the recent disinvitation of journalist Lisa Daftari from Rutgers University. Andrea Vacchiano, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, wrote an op-ed for The Daily Targum entitled “Lisa Daftari is not Islamophobic, deserves to speak.”

10/16/2018 12:56am

COMMENTARY: Rutgers must put fundamental values above mob rule

The quote used in the petition to cancel Lisa Daftari's speech is as follows, “Islamic terror takes its guidance and teachings from the Quran, which is Sharia law.”  The proper quote is “What ISIS claims to be doing is to take the Quran and its teachings and Sharia Law.” The removal of the word claims changes the meaning of the entire sentence, self-evidently. The individual whom started the petition has taken a moral high ground on an issue denouncing ISIS and converted a group of people into a mob whom is afraid the denunciation of ISIS could snowball into violence against Muslims, as if this were not a conclusion of an out-of-control positive feedback loop, but a totally rational conclusion.

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10/16/2018 12:55am

EDITORIAL: Marijuana will soon be legalized

New Jersey lawmakers are confident that a final bill proposing the legalization of marijuana will be passed before Halloween. Legislators have their eye on Oct. 29 as the day this big step will be taken. Though there may still be some issues to iron out regarding things like the level of taxation that should be attributed to the substance, it seems we are quickly approaching a big and positive change. 


10/14/2018 10:39pm

SAJU: Everyone should read ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas

I knew "The Hate U Give" was important to read before I even picked it up or before I saw all of the award stickers emblazoned on the front. These politically charged times sparked a desire in me to search for a piece of writing that would fundamentally alter my perception of the issues plaguing our society. I found what I was looking for with this story, and yet it still managed to surprise me with the numerous complicated issues it tackles as well the depth with which it tackles them with. 

10/14/2018 10:18pm

MAENNER: Deplatforming of Daftari is illiberal

As a result of a student-led petition produced last week, Rutgers Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) has officially canceled the appearance of foreign policy journalist, Lisa Daftari, due to perceived Islamophobia in a speech she gave to The Heritage Foundation regarding Islamic terrorism. But, the perpetuation of deplatforming as a response to speakers with unpopular ideas not only runs contrary to the “cultural and religious diversity” that the petition purports to uphold, but also runs fundamentally in opposition to the liberal values and principles this nation was founded upon. 

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10/14/2018 10:25pm

EDITORIAL: Cancellation may bolster argument

Some of Rutgers’ main values are diversity and inclusion, and the encouragement of communal support no matter one’s creed or color — we want to protect members of our community against hate and prejudice. As an institution of higher education and advanced research, though, our community also seeks to promote academic freedom and serious intellectual discourse. At this point in time, it seems clear that those two values are clashing.

10/11/2018 8:14pm

LETTER: University ought to offer Arabic as major

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, prides itself on being one of the most diverse academic institutions and claims to be revolutionary throughout its rich history. These are few of many reasons that Rutgers University needs to offer a major in Arabic language and literature. 

10/11/2018 8:14pm

LETTER: New York Fashion Week brings incredibly lively experiences

It was here and it happened — Fashion Month, but most importantly, Fashion Week. If you are fortunate enough to take a daily stroll down the streets of Soho, New York City, then during Fashion Week, which took place in the first half of last month, you likely saw the sidewalks flooded with fashion lovers decorated head to toe. If you are not sure what I am talking about, you may be thinking, “Yeah people wear clothes, but why is there a week dedicated to it?” So let me start explaining — Fashion Week is a whole week where fashion designers get to run their shows and have some of the most famous runway models flaunt the season’s newest designs. 

10/11/2018 8:13pm

JAWED: ‘Weed-out’ courses can be detrimental

In this sink or swim environment being fostered in the STEM community at Rutgers, weed out classes are yet another trial students have to be put through. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, almost half of the incoming STEM majors end up switching majors or dropping out of college.

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10/11/2018 8:13pm

WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | October 12, 2018

This week is the annual Turn the Campus Purple week, which is a campaign organized by the Office of Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA) to spread awareness about interpersonal violence. Turn the Campus Purple is part of the larger Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Multiple events were scheduled to be held during the past few days that addressed these issues, such as the Clothesline Project held at Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue campus, and a human trafficking presentation by a FBI victim specialist. We laurel the VPVA and the other organizers of this campaign for their extremely important work. 

10/10/2018 9:29pm

O'BRIEN: Attacks on globalism are clearly misguided

Renowned Psychologist Steven Pinker brought a message of unrelenting optimism to Rutgers last week as he lectured from his new book, "Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress." In an age of pessimism in Western culture and politics, Pinker argues that by nearly every metric — from income, health and happiness to literacy, nutrition and violent conflict — the world is far better off than at any point in human history, particularly for the globe’s poorest people. 

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