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University President Robert L. Barchi spoke at last night's Rutgers University Student Assembly meeting about notable increases in national rankings by the Rutgers Law School and School of Nursing and how the University is working to open alternative fundraising options to better fund its needs. 
7/12/2018 12:14pm

Rutgers reaccredited for next 9 years

Rutgers has been reaccredited for the next nine years following a vote by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, said University President Robert L. Barchi in an email Wednesday. 


Anthony Mollica began planning events with the Rutgers Student Programming Association (RUPA) during his first year. Four years later he plans on getting involved with event production after graduation and said that his experience with RUPA will aid future endeavors. 
5/16/2018 2:19pm

Graduation Stories: Student finds his passion for production through event organization at Rutgers

In his four years of service with the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA), Anthony Mollica has worked to bring stories, moments and events to the Rutgers community through his various roles. The School of Arts and Sciences senior is graduating in May and leaving a community that he got involved with earlier on, following the suggestion of his first-year roommate. 

Michael Antosiewicz is one of this year's Cambridge Gates Scholarship recipients and the 10th students from Rutgers to receive the award in 11 years.
5/16/2018 2:05pm

Graduation Stories: Gates Cambridge Scholarship opens new doors for Rutgers recipient after college

When Michael Antosiewicz received the email notifying him that he won the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, it was in the early hours of a February morning asleep and slumped over his computer.  The scholarship decision makers live in England, the School of Arts and Sciences senior said, meaning winners from the United States heard the announcement extremely early. Antosiewicz said he fell asleep around 2:30 a.m. that morning and woke up with his laptop on his stomach. Initially, he did not notice the message in his inbox but after refreshing the page he realized he had won.

Jasmine Denis graduated from Rutgers this year alongside her mother Terri Holness who earned her degree from William Patterson University. 
5/16/2018 1:59pm

Graduation Stories: Mother-daughter duo graduate at the same time

“It wasn’t planned. I did not intend to graduate with my daughter,” Terri Holness, mother of Rutgers graduate, Jasmine Dennis said.  Holness, who will graduate from William Paterson University, said that the journey to her diploma has been a long one — almost eight years in fact. After dropping out of college in 1995 because she felt she was not smart enough, Holness vowed to never return.

Dan Schulman, this year’s commencement speaker and Paypal CEO, received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. 
6/18/2018 2:10pm

Rutgers graduates are met with praise, innovative challenges and light rain showers at 2018's commencement ceremony

Mid-day rain showers could not dampen the spirits of 2018’s graduating class — the largest at Rutgers in more than 250 years.  This Sunday’s commencement ceremony, the eighth to take place at High Point Solutions Stadium, hosted approximately 32,500 attendees and an estimated 18,132 graduates — up from 17,729 last year, according to a press release. 

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