The Meteorology club noted more difficulty plowing snow on highly populated campuses like College Avenue.
2/24/2017 1:41am

Snow has varying effects on accessibility of 5 Rutgers campuses

Rutgers University may experience winter weather conditions differently across each of its five campuses. School of Environmental and Biological Sciences senior and Meteorology Club President Britney Truempy said there really is not a telltale campus that experiences the worst snowfall, as each one experiences the weather differently. “It’s like when you were younger and would go to your friend’s house but they didn’t get as much snow as you because they were a few towns over,” she said. It really depends on each individual storm, Truempy said.

A member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority received backlash this week after posting a photo on Instagram with the caption "I'm not really that pale, my roommates are just African." Her caption was subsequently reposted criticized on twitter.
2/23/2017 1:11am

Rutgers sorority takes action after member posts racially insensitive tweet on social media

A member of Rutgers’ Phi Sigma Sigma sorority posted a picture on Instagram with a perceived racially insensitive caption Sunday and subsequently gained significant negative attention from the Rutgers community. Amanda Slomkowski tagged two fellow members of her sorority and captioned the image, “I’m really not that pale, my roommates are just African.” A screenshot of the post was tweeted that same night by another Rutgers student, questioning the sorority’s association with Rutgers — a University with proclaimed devotion to diversity and inclusivity. The tweet received over 200 likes and retweets. Slomkowski has since removed the original post and replaced it with an image of a quote about tolerance by Michael Pritchard. In the caption section of the quote, she thanked the Rutgers community for calling her out on her culturally insensitive comment. “It was never my intention to offend or upset anyone,” she wrote.

Mechanical issues with the boilers in the Honors College left students without hot water for more than two weeks. While University Facilities has fixed one of the boilers, many students are still using lukewarm or cold water.
2/23/2017 12:59am

Rutgers Honors College goes 2 weeks without warm water

Rutgers Honors College students have reportedly been without warm water in their buildings for at least two weeks. While the situation has improved over the last two days, many students are still showering with cold or lukewarm water, said School of Arts and Sciences first-year Ankush De. John F.

On Tuesday, U.S. Marshals arrested Fraynned Ramirez for the murder of Rutgers—Newark junior Shani Patel last year. Patel was shot on Central Avenue at an off-campus apartment.
2/22/2017 9:39pm

Arrest made in connection to 2016 murder of Rutgers—Newark student

After nearly a year on the run, a second man was arrested Tuesday by U.S. Marshals in connection with a 2016 shooting of a Rutgers—Newark student, according to Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray. Fraynned Ramirez of Hartford, Connecticut, was arrested in the Dominican Republic and can be extradited to the United States as early as tomorrow. Ramirez is accused of committing felony murder by shooting Toms River native and Rutgers—Newark junior Shani Patel, according to a press release.

Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Jeffra Shaefer, co-authored a research paper predicting the ways coastal estuaries will be altered by global warming. She said changes in the food web will contribute to increases in methylmercury in ecosystems.
2/22/2017 9:11am

Rutgers professor researches effects of climate change on mercury accumulation

Jeffra Schaefer, a professor in the Department of Environmental Science, has taken part in important research regarding the effects of climate change. She recently helped co-author a research paper investigating the effects of climate change on the bioaccumulation of methylmercury in coastal estuaries. Mercury is toxic in all forms but it is the methylmercury found in marine life that poses the greatest risk to humanity, Schaefer said.

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