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Robin Diamond, the Assistant Dean and Director of Transfer Students, said her office is improving its communication by using web-based applications, such as creating the School of Arts and Sciences Transfer Mentor program.
2/20/2019 9:12am

Rutgers among top 6 transfer programs nationwide

The Rutgers Transfer Center has been named by the National Academic Advising Association as 1 of 6 model programs in the nation. Assistant Dean and Director of Transfer Students Robin Diamond gave an interview to The Daily Targum to share insight into her program. 

According to the Undergraduate Admissions website, Scarlet Ambassadors are expected to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA, work as part of the staff at the Visitor Center on Busch Campus and attend semester meetings.
2/19/2019 10:19am

Student club seeks to change Rutgers' drinking culture

"RU SURE? Changing the Culture of College Drinking," a campaign founded by the Center for Communication and Health Issues (CHI) in 2001, focuses on addressing misconceptions about college drinking for first-year students, said Joseph Bae, head of CHI.


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