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Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie has made it a point to avoid any specifics regarding what he would do as governor of New Jersey. The citizens of the state should consider it an insult that a potential recipient of a major party's nomination for governor does not care to explain what he actually plans do as governor. The Republican party of New Jersey needs to avoid the mistake it made during the previous gubernatorial election and support a candidate that will get down to the issues and debate Jon Corzine.

Steve Lonegan, another Republican candidate for governor, has executive experience as a three-term mayor and self-made businessman. Lonegan has traveled around the state and invited the public to a number of non-exclusive town hall meetings, two of which I attended, and directly answered questions posed by the public. The voters of New Jersey that wish to see an authentic debate before they vote in the November election, whether they are conservative, liberal or independent, owe it to themselves to register Republican and vote for Steve Lonegan in the primaries.

Devin Goldman is a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences first-year student.

Devin Goldman

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