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Meal swipes, food for thought

Most students that have a meal plan have probably have been asked at some point to donate a meal to a charitable organizationn on campus. And while many of you probably have whole-hearted intentions to do so, the problem with your desire to help others is that the Dining dining Hall hall does not appreciate your efforts.   They will simply say "‘no"' to you if you want to donate your regular meal swipes (and only accepts guest swipes), which you paid for, to charities, as they only accept guest swipes. Why does the Dining dining Hall hall go out of its way to stop students from doing good deeds? Where are the consciousness consciousness and social responsibilities of Dining dining Hallhall? Students should have the final say in how they are going to use their own meal swipes.

At the same time,On the other hand, those charitable organizations that try to raise funds to bring up awareness about hunger, diseases, and homelessness through meal swipes are well respected by many students. In my opinion, all these organizations should collaborate with one another and press the student government to pass a resolution that will unconditionally allow students to donate both their regular and guest swipes at the Dining dining Hallhalls. Being a good corporate citizen needs to start at the local level, including school Dining dining Hallshalls. If this school does not believe in social responsibilities, it will have hard time teaching its students to contribute to society.

Renjie Zheng is a Livingston College senior majoring in marketing.


Renjie Zheng

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