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Bittersweet farewell

I thought this was going to be my first, last and only piece written for The Daily Targum. But alas Targum is full of surprises and you learn how to roll with the punches.

I came here as a mere freshman starting as a design desk assistant looking for some more layout experience and work to occupy a few nights.

When you enter college, people talk about gaining that freshman 15, but no one mentions when you enter Targum how much fattening takeout you consume while sitting in your chair for five to 12 hours a night.

Now I am leaving as a senior and outgoing Managing Editor, looking to find out where the gym is, some peaceful free time to cook homemade meals and some Targum worry-free nights.

I always wondered why I stayed at Targum for so long. After all, I am striving to become a teacher and do not want a career dealing with any aspect of journalism. But something kept me invested in this job for four years.

I did so many unimaginable things at Targum. It truly is an amazing and enriching learning experience. And because of that, I want to ensure that the paper stays alive. There are some things that I would like to address to the University community at large.

1. We have a referendum coming this semester. It happens every three years and come March we will be swarming the campuses. We need 25 percent plus 1 of the student body to vote yes. It is only a $10 fee on your term bill, and you have always been able — and will still be able — to opt out of it if you are really scratching for that one meal. But if you vote no or do not vote at all, you are endangering a student-run organization that is truly a remarkable experience for everyone involved. We have been part of the University since 1869 and even if you do not read the paper, I am sure that the vast majority of you do the crossword or Sudoku in class. Please vote yes at this year's referendum. Help keep the Targum a part of the University!

2. There are different departments at the Targum. If you have a news pitch or have an important event that you think deserves coverage, contact the editorial department at 26 Mine St. on the College Avenue campus or call (732)-932-2012. If you would like to place an advertisement, classifieds or refund, go to the business department in Suite 431 of the Rutgers Student Center on the College Avenue campus or call (732)-932-7051. Also you should only be getting a refund if you really do not support or use the Targum whatsoever. So hint, if you are reading this, then you should not ask for money. Do not come into the office asking for a refund when applying for a job or while participating in one of our raffles. Please have a little more tact than that.

3. We do the best that we can. The Targum is completely student-run. We are all students and put out a paper everyday; it is a tough job and a learning experience. We love having more people join the Targum family. It seems kind of intimidating at first. I was scared to come into the office, but come in, get involved! There are so many things on the editorial side to get involved in from writing or photography to web design and opinion letters. Come in to the editorial office Sunday to Thursday from 5 to 10:30 p.m. at 26 Mine St. and we'll find a place for you!

To those who do not know me and have gotten this far in the column, you could probably stop reading unless you want to see my list of insular good byes.

I have met and worked with hundreds of people because of the Targum. With all of the writers, photographers and editors that have come and gone, every one of you has impacted my life and thank you for making it one hell of an experience.

To the 142nd editorial board and future Targum boards, good luck with all the endeavors. Make sure you try to keep intact the legacy and integrity of the Targum. Please keep in mind that this is always a learning process. Make sure you are level headed and humble, make sure you take constructive criticism, and do not close yourself off and think you know it all. Always do what you can to make the Targum better! There are so many indescribable things out there to discover, give yourself the opportunity to find them!

Mary Catherine, my little nun, I am proud of myself for stealing you from news so I could train you for managing. You have already impressed me and I am happy that I am confident that the editorial office is in your able hands. Call me whenever, even though I don't think you will need me. You are quiet at times but definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Neil, you are coming from a difficult position, being the very first person who came into the office solely for editor-in-chief. Stay humble and listen to those around you with more office experience. The Targum is filled with a rich history, and do what you can to get acquainted with it. Lead the pack. Do what you set out to do: Win referendum, don't get sued! Oh and can't wait to be neighbors next year!

Taylere, you are my 2nd successor. Now that I am gone, I love that there is still a loud design Asian in the office that makes weird noises! Do design proud, keep them on their toes, crack the whip, and make things pretty!

Ariel and Kristine, I am sorry that there are so few of you, and I feel guilty that we left the two of you alone. But I agree with the title I gave you, "Small in numbers, large in heart." I have faith in you guys, keep recruiting and make the content impeccable. Keep crummy headlines out!

Jovelle Abbey and Ramon Angelo Paolo Gutierrez Dompor, you two are an awesome little Filipino team. I like all of the anal organization. Can't wait to take photos!

To sports: Steve and Alex, I don't know you guys too well, but you seem like some cool classy guys who will be complementary to Mr. Billium. The three of you seem to be a nice addition to the machine that is sports. Make sure to correctly identify Lamar Brown in captions and no matter what Matt says, drop shadow is ugly.

Santucci and Borsetti, I have the copy standards of the Wesley clan and the word of G instilled in me. It is quite sad that you do not know the Wesleys or Jess G, but that is beside the point. Leave your own mark. Take the gun. Leave the cannoli.

Aleksi (has a ridiculous Bulgarian last name), be choosy of who your columnists are. If you get rid of laurels and darts I might have to dart you. Have fun in your cubbyhole with Neil!

Inside Beat, better known as Stacy and Michael, I did not forget you even though you are not part of daily. I had to follow after Maggie and so do you guys. Even though she is tiny, she leaves some big shoes to fill. I have no doubts that you will do an amazing job!

Aymann and Arthur, I want to see all those fresh new videos and multimedia online. Keep it clean. New media is where it's at!

To productions in general and Garret in particular, you guys are amazing! You are all intimidating at first but you are some of the most down to earth, creative people that I've come to love and respect. Keep those gradients out of the paper if you can help it!

To all of business, who said business and editorial don't get along? Hopefully we are bridging the gap between us and I love all of you. Steve, be good to Mary. She is way nicer than I am. Don't worry Katie, I'll still be around with our gym dates and with awesome referendum peeking its head around the corner. Business, you haven't seen the last of me yet.

To those who were with me and have already left the Targum or are leaving, it has been a great ride. Everything that happened was for a reason, and I have grown so much because of it. You have all taught me a lot both directly and indirectly, making this a remarkably memorable experience. Many friendships have flourished because of Targum and for that I am thankful.

To Dan, who brought me into Targum freshman year, you have been with me for all four years of school and surprisingly I am not sick of you! Hopefully we can stay in touch and go on splendiferous Ale 'n 'Wich trips. You are an amazing person and an even better photographer. Hah. Well fresh from the oven to you, londonbroil.com! Visit it!

To Cassie, we met freshman year and we will live together until after you are done college! You are one of my go-to people when I want to talk about anything — life, Targum, food. Thank you for always being there, especially for those things that are harder for you to talk about. We have many more years of friendship ahead of us!

To my roommates and non-tainted Targum related friends, what am I talking about, all of you are tainted because you have to deal with me! Well thank you for putting up with my rants and long hours. All of my sanity would have been completely shot if it weren't for you guys. I can't wait to rejoin you for a life outside of Targum.

VOTE YES FOR REFERENDUM! Please help keep the Targum alive and for editors, help keep the history alive! It's been a love/hate relationship with Targum; I will miss it but am so very glad that it is over. Goodbye Targum, hello GSE.

Angelina Y. Rha is the outgoing Managing Editor. She is a senior majoring in psychology with a minor in linguistics and is enrolled in the five-year education program for special education and elementary education.Rha, better known as Angelina Ballerina, will surely be missed around the office, along with her stretching, dancing, falling over chairs and humming. Okay, maybe not the humming, but definitely the falling. A Jack-of-all-trades, there is no one that can run the Targum like Ange, problem-solver extraordinaire. So for one last time: "HEY ANGE?!"

Angelina Y. Rha

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