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Laurels and darts

According to former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., abortion is to blame for the United States' social security woes. Really, Santorum? While it may be true that America could use a larger workforce to support retirees, we aren't buying the logic that our lack of a work force is because of "abortion culture." Such a claim ignores how population trends tend to work in industrialized nations. We expect better from our politicians — but, then again, maybe that's our problem, not theirs. Santorum receives a dart for his ridiculous claims.

There are few things better than seeing University students come together for good causes. In an effort to encourage unity between two traditionally disparate groups, the Association of Indians at Rutgers (AIR) and the Pakistani Student Association (PSA) are teaming up on April 9 to hold "Salaam Namaste." While it may not be a radical step toward solving all conflict between India and Pakistan, it is an instance of students doing the best they can to foster peace and respect, and we applaud that. AIR and PSA both receive laurels.

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