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Laurels and darts

It is no secret that New Jersey's higher education system is going through a pretty serious funding crisis right now. Thankfully, the students are not taking it lying down. The Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) has joined with other public universities in New Jersey to start the New Jersey United Students (NJUS). The NJUS mission is to fight for the financial betterment of the higher education system, and for that, we give them a laurel. Good luck, NJUS.

Gov. Chris Christie's war with the teachers' unions has been highly publicized since the beginning. According to Judge Peter Doyne, Christie has not exactly won his battle for education reform. Doyne has ruled that Christie's cuts to the public school system damaged the schools to the point where they could no longer provide students with real, solid education. We understand that Christie wants to reign in the budget, but he did not do it the right way in this case. We give Christie a dart for leaving N.J. schools under-funded instead of reformed.

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