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Daily review: laurels and darts


The NFL is pretty much the epitome of the term “boys’ club” — a bunch of muscular guys roughhousing and showing off their impressive athletic talents. But that does not have to mean it’s a discriminatory organization, as NFL officials demonstrated in the new 2011 Collective Bargaining agreement. This agreement is the first time discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is explicitly banned in the NFL. This obviously won’t stop any such discrimination from ever occurring, but it does set up an institutional framework within which any discriminated parties can find avenues for redress. For that, the league receives a laurel.


If you’ve been on Facebook recently — and, since you’re most likely a University student, you most definitely have — you may have noticed that amid all the complaining about the new layout, another issue has arisen. Namely, the chain statuses about Facebook’s supposed decision to start charging users for its service. It is a pretty obvious lie, as founder Mark Zuckerberg would have to be the world’s worst businessman if he were to actually do such a thing. Still, the spam message is spreading like wildfire. When are we going to stop believing everything we hear from our friends on the Internet? It’s about time people start using the same common sense they employ in real life while they surf the Web. Both the originators and perpetuators of this fake message receive darts.

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